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[gfsd]Clinger Cohen Act Update * March 27 * Wash DC * Training Conferenc

From: David Dickson
Subject: [gfsd]Clinger Cohen Act Update * March 27 * Wash DC * Training Conference
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 09:36:44 -0500

To:     address@hidden

*** A special note from Market*Access:  Early sign ups have exceeded 
 We anticipate a sell out for sponsorships and attendance.  The number of early 
registrations and the level of government attendance will be high.  Early 
are running two-thirds government and one-third industry.  Please contact Cara 
Lombardi at 703/867-6921  if you wish to sponsor and exhibit.  Call Colleen 
at 301-652-0810 if you wish to register. ***

*** Thinking of sponsoring???  Look at our EARLY sign-ups below !  
space is limited. ***


The Clinger Cohen Act: Past Present and Future 

with special features: 

AFFIRM Top 10 CIO Challenges Survey 


Procurement Reform: Reverse Auctions -- A Key Component of e-Procurement 

Training Conference

March 27, 2001

Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington D.C.
Atrium Ballroom

Produced by Potomac Forum and event support, market research and promotion by 

About this conference

The Clinger-Cohen Act was passed by Congress in 1996. It is now five years 
and time to review progress made, successes of the past and what yet remains 
to be done. Our speakers are agency executives who will discuss the Act and 
agency’s priorities for the future. We are in a time of change. New and 
technologies and a new administration with new priorities. Our speakers will 
discuss future plans, programs, and new initiatives.

A special feature will be a report on the Association for Federal Information 
Management (AFFIRM) top 10 CIO Challenges survey. This survey lists the top 10 
management and technical challenges facing agency planners.
Additionally, the event will include a special report on a recent procurement 
reform initiative – Reverse Auctions. A special panel will present 
from a highly successful IT reverse auction.

e-Procurement is a key element of procurement reform. Hear about successes in 
reverse auctions and learn how to conduct a successful reverse auction. Also 
see a live, simulated reverse auction for IT products conducted during the 
Market*Access and the Potomac Forum are making two complimentary passes 
to department-level CIO and CPO organizations. We are receiving strong 
from the federal IT and procurement leadership. The passes are to support this 


Charlie Self, Deputy Commissioner, GSA FTS
Paul Brubaker, Deputy CIO, DoD
Deidre Lee, Director of Defense Procurement, DoD
Judy Carr, VP, Gartner Group
Ira Hobbs, Deputy CIO, Agriculture
Gloria Parker, CIO, HUD
Steve Timchak, Center for e-Business, GSA FTS
Fernando Burbano, CIO, State
Robert Bubniak, Acting CIO, VA
Manny DeVera, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, GSA FTS
Gary Maxam, Director of Acquisition Services, DFAS
Geoffry Gauger, Procurement Official, Treasury
Daryl White, CIO, Interior
Richard Burk, Associate Deputy CIO, HUD
Michael Farbman, Partner, Booz Allen
Jasmeet Seehra, OMB
Who should attend:

Agency CIO staffs 
Agency CPO staffs 
Agency CFO staffs 
Agency executives who plan, budget and execute information technology programs 
Program managers 
Industry executives interested in learning about agency initiatives 
Government and industry people interested in seeing the new business model and 
plans at agencies 
Millennia and Millennia Lite contractors 

What you will learn:

Plans and programs at federal agencies 
How the Clinger Cohen Act has affected the government IT and Procurement 
The CIO's effect on IT in the government 
The key issues effecting the CIO organization (both management and technical) 
How are the agencies organizing to deal with these new requirements 
How will this impact e-commerce in the federal government 
What resources are available 
Business opportunities, new agency initiatives 
Resources available to agency IT executives through the Millennia and Millennia 
Lite contracts. 

Who should sponsor:

Companies involved with e-commerce, business planning, IT solutions 
Communications and networking products and services companies 
Federal fee for service organizations that wish to promote their products and 
services to senior government executives. 
Hardware, software and systems integrators that sell products and services to 
the federal government. 
Millennia and Millennia Lite Contractor Primes and Subs. 

Points of Contact:

For general information about this event, please contact Ms. Colleen Harbison, 
For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ms. Cara Lombardi, 
For information on exhibitor arrangements, please contact Ms. Danielle Ortiz, 
For technical support with this web site, please contact Mr. Parrish Knight, 

Corporate Sponsors:

Market*Access International, Inc. 
Verizon Federal Network Systems 
Titan AverStar 
Booz, Allen & Hamilton 
Special Exhibitor/Sponsors from Millennia Lite Functional Area 1 (Studies & 
to Support the CIO) 
Expert Choice 
...other sponsors to be announced.

Organizational Sponsors:

Department of Transportation Millennium Solutions Center 
INPUT Government 
GSA Federal Technology Service 

Publications Partner:

Federal Computer Week 
...other sponsors to be announced.

Government training forms and credit cards accepted.

The registration fee for this important training conference is:

Government Credit Card or Check in Advance: $345.00
Government Training Forms/Invoice: $395.00
Industry and Federal Contractors, Payment in Advance: $595
Industry and Federal Contractors/Invoice: $645

Conference Registration Options

[1] Phone: 301-652-0810 and speak with Ms. Colleen Harbison.
[2] Email: address@hidden
[3] Register online: Use our online booking form to register and pay by credit 
card electronically.
[4] Fax: registration form to 301-652-0914.
[5] Mail: registration form to:

Market*Access International, Inc.
5454 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 810
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815

To register by phone or to request more information: Call Colleen Harbison at 


Company         Title
OMB                     OMB Liaison to CIO Council
HUD                     Assoc Dep CIO
Interior                        CIO
DFAS                    Director of Acquisition
VA                      CIO
State                   CIO
HUD                     CIO
USDA                    Deputy CIO
Gartner Group           VP
DoD                     Director of Procurement
DoD                     Deputy CIO
GSA                     Contract Specialist     
GSA                     Contract Specialist     
GSA                     Computer Specialist     
GSA                     Director Aqusition & Admin. Support Services    
Hewlett - Packard       Public Sector Marketing Manager 
DSIC                    Director of E-Procurement Business      
The Orkand Corporation  VP of Corporate Devel.  
Hewlett - Packard       Sales Manager   
CSC                     Senior Project Manager  
Lockheed Martin Systems Integration     Federal Marketing Manager       
FileNET Corporation     Senior VP Products & Strategy   
PriceWaterHouseCoopers  Chief Operating Office  
Logicon                 VP IT Solutions & Services      
Logicon Program Manager for GWAC Programs       
Lockheed Martin         Senior Information Systems Consultant   
Lockheed Martin Program Director        
UMS Group North America Principle       
SAIC                    VP Marketing    
Logicon                 Director of Business Development        
CSC                     Mgmt. Consulting Practice Mngr. 
DynCorp         VP Business Development 
GSA                     Computer Specialist     
GSA                     Director        
GSA                     Team Leader     
DISA                    Program Analyst 
Wise Solutions, Inc.    Account Executive       
Dept. of Health & Human Services, NIH   Procurement Analyst     
Department of Labor     Deputy Chief Info. Officer, Dir. of IT Center   
National Credit Union Administration    Deputy Chief Info. Officer      
TSR Inc.                Management Consultant   
Digital Government Institute, LLC       President       
OASDC3I         Division Chief, Aqusition Oversight     
DynCorp, I & ET         VP, Business Development        
Washington Technology   Contributing Writer     
US Customs Service      Telecommunications Specialist   
US Customs Service      Chief, Voice Communication Branch       
Department of the Interior      Director of Financial Management        
Enterworks              Business Development Manager    
Data Systems Analysts, Inc.     District Manager, Business Development, Federal 
AMDAHL Software District Manager        
OCC                     Computer Specialist     
US Customs Service      Executive Director, Infastructure Services Division     
US Customs Service      Chief Data Mgmt.        
US Customs Service      Branch Director, Systems Engineering    
US Customs Service      Chief Capacity Mgmt.    
US Geological Survey    Supervisory Computer Specialist 
US Army TACOM   Corporate Information Officer   
US Army TACOM   Division Chief  
Food and Drug Administration    Chief Informaiton Officer       
Housing and Urban Development   Director, Office Systems & Technology   
DISA                    Program Analyst 
DISA                    Chief Information Manager Branch        
HAY Group               Senior Management Consultant    
Department of Energy    Computer Specialist     
Department of Energy    Computer Specialist     
Department of Energy    Computer Specialist     
Booz Allen & Hamilton   Senior Associate        
SAIC                    Sr. Vice President      
US Army, Medical Research, Acqusition Activity  Procurement Analyst     
US Army, Medical Research, Acqusition Activity  CIO     
US Geological Survey            
US Geological Survey    Deputy Geographic Informaiton Officer   
Department of the Treasury      Director        
Department of the Treasury      Assistant Inspector General     
Department of the Treasury      Deputy if Assistant IG  
Department of the Army          Deputy Director of Architecture 
National Science Foudation\DIS  IT Policy Officer       
Titan Systems                   Program Manager         
Titan Systems                   Acqusition Manager      
GSA                             Computer Specialist     
GSA                             Director, Acqusition Service Center     
NASA                            IT Investments Mgr.     
US Department of Transportation Program Analyst 
US Department of Transportation Manager, Capital Planning       
US Department of Transportation Program Analyst 
US Department of Transportation Computer Specialist     
US Department of Transportation Computer Specialist     
US Department of Transportation Program Analyst 
Office of Personel Management   Chief   
GSA\FEDISM                      Director        
GSA\FEDISM                      Director        
Triumph Technologies, Inc.      Project Manager 
GSA\FTS                 Research Analyst        
GSA\FTS                 National Account Manager        
FDA                             Planning Director       
FDA                             Deputy  
FAA                             Deputy Director         
Department of the Navy          Private Team Leader     
GSA\FTS Office of Acqusition    Assistant Commisioner   
Department of Education         Deputy CIO      
USA TACOM                       Project Manager for Light Tactical Vehicles     
NIH\NIGMS                       Acting Chief of Information Resources Mgmt. 
FDA                             Branch Chief, Software  
IRS                             Supervisory, Computer Specialist        
IRS                             Chief, Telecommunications       
IRS                             Computer Specialist     
IRS                             Supervisory, Computer Specialist        
Logicon                         VP, Business Development        
Naval Air Systems Command       Milestone Decision Authority    
Naval Air Systems Command       Milestone Decision Authority    
Naval Air Systems Command       Program Manager 
NOAH                            CIO     
Logistics Management Institute  Program Manager 
US Department of Energy Computer Specialist     
US Department of Energy Computer Specialist     
US Department of State          Office Director 
AMS                             Strategic Development Group     
NASA\GODDARD            Chief, Logistics Management Division    
NASA HQ                 Director, HQ IT & Communications Division       
Department of Energy            Information Specialist  
Honeywell, Federal Manufacutring & Technologies Director, IT    
US General Accounting Office    Director        
Immigration & Naturalization Service    Associate Comissioner   
GSA\FSS                 Acting Deputy Assistant Comissioner     
Department of the Interior      Program Manager 
DTRA                            Chief, Knowlage Office  
DTRA                            Computer Specialist     

If you wish to be removed from this list, please REPLY and place REMOVE in the 
SUBJECT line.  Thank you.

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