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Re: [gfsd]regarding the 'curl' entry

From: Soam Vasani
Subject: Re: [gfsd]regarding the 'curl' entry
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 19:14:29 +0530
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Thanks for the updates, I checked them in; they should show up
on the webpage soon.

   Daniel Stenberg wrote:
   > This can be automatically updated by polling the
   > file

ok... that will require a script that we haven't written yet, so
till then please email us with updates.

   >  * The '___less-than-sign' texts on the page are weird!

Silly bug in silly kludge in generating script.  Fixed. (the bug,
not the kludge :-) )

   >  * A better link to CVS info would be:
   > as it contains misc CVS info and links to the LXR browsable sources

Ok, I've put that up temporarily, *but* we should put the CVS
info directly in the directory entry itself, so that people get
that info without having to hop through link after link for it.
So please send in the CVS instructions, we'll put them up on the

Soam Vasani

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