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[gfsd]Kannel entry looks strange

From: Richard Braakman
Subject: [gfsd]Kannel entry looks strange
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 11:38:14 +0100
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I noticed several formatting errors in the directory page for Kannel,
which were not in the .txt file for it.

I refer to

First, there is an extra space before each full stop . It looks like
this . A bit like telegram style . It's there in the HTML source
so it's not a bug in my rendering program .

Second, the Contributors section seems to treat &auml characters
as word breaks.  It comes out like this:

<dt>Contributors :</dt>
<li>Kean-Leong Ang, Taneli Lepp&auml</li>
<li>, Joerg Pommnitz, Derry Hamilton, Mikael Gueck, Sanna Sepp&auml</li>
<li>nen, Markku Rossi, Hao Shi

In kannel.txt they are listed as "&auml;", apparently this confused
the parser.  Perhaps you simply don't support HTML entities in such
fields, but in that case please explain somewhere how to spell these
people's names correctly.

Third, the page has a mailto: link for the "CVS repository" entry:

<dt>CVS repository :</dt>

Obviously this is not an email address and it is not likely that
this field will have one.

As a final point, I would probably have sent a patch to gnulist along
with this description of the problems, but I could not figure out
where to "checkout the scripts by using CVS to get the gnulist module"
like the Helping page says.  (Even though I looked through the GNU
and Savannah pages, and the web interface.)
gnulist should have an entry in its own directory at least.

Richard Braakman

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