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[gfsd]Questions about helping with known free software

From: Papadimitriou Aristotelis
Subject: [gfsd]Questions about helping with known free software
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 04:04:29 +0200

I am currently doing a research,as a hobby, 
on known free software, and I would like to help, 
in compiling a directory of known free software,
but I would like to know how much commitment in this 
task is required.I am a student in university, 
and I don't know exactly how much time can 
I work on this.If it is not very demanding job,
regarding long time commitment,
then I would like to help.I know that is a bit of time 
consuming task, but right now I have a lot of 
spare time to spend.

Papadimitriou Aristotle

PS Please excuse my english.

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