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Re: [gfsd]Re: Cobol missing on webpages and non-existent links.

From: Hugo Gayosso
Subject: Re: [gfsd]Re: Cobol missing on webpages and non-existent links.
Date: 21 Feb 2001 20:45:41 -0500
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I think that this response is sent to people that points out problems
and doesn't offer any "real" help:

Matt Kraai <address@hidden> writes:

> If you're volunteering to write an entry for the directory, we'd
> be more than happy to incorporate it.  You can find instructions
> on how to do so by visiting
> .

I certainly would, but I am already doing a lot of stuff:

I am a volunteer system administrator at: address@hidden
I am a GNU volunteer coordinator at: address@hidden
I am helping the Savannah project at: address@hidden
I am the GNU Software Evaluation team coordinator at: address@hidden
I am the person behind address@hidden (besides RMS)
I WAS the coordinator of the Spanish translation team for the GNU web
pages, but I still help them in some issues, and I stepped down
because all the other things.

So, I think that you comment doesn't really fit me.

As part of my GVC work, I discovered this bug in the free software
directory, and that's why I am reporting it to you guys, so if you
respond this to any volunteer that will report a bug to you, I don't
see the point of having the bug-directory email address.

And you should remove this message from the web pages:

"Please report any problems in this page to address@hidden,"

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Hugo Gayosso
Support the Free Software
Support the GNU Project
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