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[gfsd]donate? link? join URL?

From: Mary Ann Fordyce
Subject: [gfsd]donate? link? join URL?
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:07:59 -0500

Is this the right department? I am trying to find the events coordinator for 
your fundraising department or a manager who can assist us in finding who we 
need to speak to? We found your website is listed among those that are seeking 
donations for charitable purposes, and your name was on the website as the 
contact listed to reach for making/collecting fundraising donations. We are 
contacting  you to see if our services match with your needs?  AdSource is 
availible to assist your group in a fundraising program  (we are a "service 
vendor provider" and can be used by 501c charities) 
  We are a volunteer organization, looking for worthwhile groups to join with 
us to promote civic awareness and raise funds for truly needy causes like 
yours.  Your site really did capture our attention, and we will donate our time 
to assist your group with a fundraiser.........  We simply want to help. 
(Wouldn't it be nice if everything was this simple?) Again, please forward this 
message to the right department. 
 Thank you for the support that you give in your community everyday, There 
should be more places doing what your group is doing. You really are 
appreciated!. (if any questions our link is below)
Warm regards. Please reply.

Adsource Internet & Catalogue Fundraisers and Gifts
Mary Ann Fordyce
Event Coordinator

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