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[gfsd]new driver. Mimio whiteboard meeting assistant (fwd)

From: Roberto Diaz
Subject: [gfsd]new driver. Mimio whiteboard meeting assistant (fwd)
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 21:50:13 +0100 (MET)

Dear FSF.

I already have a first version for this driver.. it still is beta.. mainly
because is only me who is playing with it..

Please I would like to submit the first version for the driver of the
mimio whiteboard meeting assistant.. in order to get beta-testers..

How can I get an entry? how can I upload? 

> If there user space software, would you like to write an entry for your
> program for our Free Software Directory
> (  That way, people can
> find out about your software program from our directory.  If you'd like to
> write an entry, please contact <address@hidden>.
> -- 
> Bradley M. Kuhn
> Free Software Foundation     |  Phone: +1-617-542-5942
> 59 Temple Place, Suite 330   |  Fax:   +1-617-542-2652
> Boston, MA 02111-1307  USA   |  Web:



Roberto Diaz <address@hidden> 
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