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[gfsd]New Free Software Entry.

From: Moshe Zadka
Subject: [gfsd]New Free Software Entry.
Date: 28 Dec 2000 16:38:10 -0000


As the primary author of PMS (Python Mail System,, I would like you to add this
to your free software directory.

Here's a one line blurb

An MUA framework with pluggable front- and back-ends.

Here's a multi-line blurb

PythonMS is an MUA framework. It has pluggable user interfaces -- currently
supported is an MH-like interface, a shell interface and the Python
interactive interpreter. It also has pluggable mail storage formats --
currently suppported are MH folders, Maildir folders, POP3 servers and PMEP
servers. It supports powerful mail filtering and labeling.

Thanks in advance,
        Moshe Zadka

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