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From: Richard Stallman
Subject: [gfsd]GTT
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 15:30:54 -0700 (MST)

I hereby dub GTT a GNU package.

Please don't forget to mention prominently in the README file and
other suitable documentation places that it is a GNU program.

The new-gnu people will mail you a file, maintain.text, which
describes a lot of procedures for GNU maintainers.  The file also
describes who you can ask for various kinds of support or advice.  If
you encounter a situation where it isn't clear what to do, you can
also ask address@hidden, which is a list of a few other GNU
maintainers who have offered to answer questions for new maintainers.

They will also add you to the gnu-prog mailing list, a moderated list
for announcements to GNU maintainers.  They will also add you to the
gnu-prog-disc list, which can be used for discussion among GNU
maintainers, but whether to stay on the list is up to you.

Would you like to make the distribution site?
If so, please tell address@hidden when you have
a version to release.  If you need, we can make an acct for
you on so you can install new versions.

We invite you to put the CVS repository on,
but it is ok to use another site if you prefer.

Could you please write some web pages about the program, to put on  The main web site for a GNU package should be on, not just a link to elsewhere.  Please follow the style
guidelines in, and
send the pages to address@hidden when you are done.

Please also write an entry or a change for the page, and mail that to
address@hidden also.  Note that we don't want to talk about
proprietary software, so if you have worked on any, please don't
mention it here.  Your entry can include a link to your home page
provided it fits our usual criteria for what we link to.

Please fill out an entry about your program for our Free Software
Directory.  Please contact address@hidden for more info about this.

Please talk with address@hidden about creating the mailing lists that
you need.  There should be at least one, address@hidden, for
reporting bugs.  Please tell them whether you would like this list to
be open to the public or just an alias going to whoever you choose.
Also please say whether you would like to have a public archive of the

If there are a few alternative names that might be natural for users
to use, let's make all the aliases that might be useful.  If you want
these lists to be aliases for lists on your site, that is ok; ask
new-gnu to set them up that way.

Some GNU programs have another mailing list, address@hidden,
for people to ask other users for help.  And some programs have a list
address@hidden for sending announcements to the users.  (These
are often moderated.)  Please think about whether such lists are
appropriate for this program; please ask for them if you want them.

Please mail an announcement to address@hidden about the existence of
the program, either when the program is released, or now if the
program is already released.  Include a brief description of the
program so people can tell whether they are interested in using it.
Mention the web pages on and say where to get the program
by ftp.

new-gnu people, could you please enter Jorge Martinez in
gnuorg/maintainers, add him to the gnu-prog lists, and send him a copy
of maintain.text?

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