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[gforth] New Forth web server

From: Rene Hartmann
Subject: [gforth] New Forth web server
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 20:04:30 +0200
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I've written a lightweight HTTP server in Forth.

It uses an event-based I/O model. This allows handling many simultaneous connections without the need for tasks which are not available in all Forth implementations.

Processing HTTP requests is delegated to request handlers. A handler for GET which sends files is included. Handlers for e.g. POST requests can be added. This makes it possible to implement a REST API using Forth. An example for a POST handler is included.

The source is available at:

This is an early version running under GForth and Linux only. Windows and other Forth implementations will be supported by future versions.

René Hartmann

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