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Re: [gforth] Must have Forth in search-order?

From: Bernd Paysan
Subject: Re: [gforth] Must have Forth in search-order?
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 13:58:53 +0200
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Am Donnerstag, 25. April 2013, 20:00:10 schrieb Josh Grams:
> If you pass code or a file on the command-line which produces a search
> order which does not contain FORTH-WORDLIST, recent CVS versions seem to
> crash before running bootmessage and accepting keyboard input.
> gforth -e 'wordlist 1 set-order'
> 0.7.0 was this is new at some point...

Yes, things changed a bit, because I want Gforth to work as library in a C 
program, too.  That means I separated the startup process, and call 
bootmessage through gforth_find+gforth_execute before doing gforth_quit.  I 
added now code on Gforth git head that doesn't execute a notfound (0) return 

I.e. you won't get a bootmessage in your case, but it won't crash, either.

Bernd Paysan
"If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself"

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