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[gforth] gforthmi segmentation fault

From: Bahman Movaqar
Subject: [gforth] gforthmi segmentation fault
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2011 17:36:55 +0330

Hi all,

I'm very new to Forth so please bear with me if I'm missing something
very obvious.

Every time I run 'gforthmi' it chokes on 'segmentation fault' like below:

  address@hidden ussa]$ gforthmi ussa.fs
  redefined block-offset

  Segmentation fault.
  redefined block-offset

  Segmentation fault.
  redefined th
  *OS command line*:-1: No such file or directory
  comp-image >>>./temp-image.fi1<<< ./temp-image.fi2 bye
  $7F7C1A6DE850 throw
  $7F7C1A714408 slurp-file
  chmod: cannot access `': No such file or directory
  rm: cannot remove `./temp-image.fi1': No such file or directory
  rm: cannot remove `./temp-image.fi2': No such file or directory

Though it works well with an empty source file.

  address@hidden Temp]$ touch foo.fs
  address@hidden Temp]$ gforthmi foo.fs
  redefined th  data offset=43CCF071C0
  code offset=-1767F30
     xt offset=-1767F50
         60     7F1BB8424000     7F5F8532B000
         68     7F1BB8429000     7F5F85330000
         70     7F1BB842E000     7F5F85335000
         78     7F1BB8433000     7F5F8533A000
     2F58     7F1BB8428000     7F5F8532F000
     2F60     7F1BB8431C00     7F5F85338C00
     2F68     7F1BB842D000     7F5F85334000
     2F78     7F1BB8431B30     7F5F85338B30
     2F80     7F1BB8431B28     7F5F85338B28
     2F98          2456480           CEE480
     4DC0     7F1BB7B817C0     7F5F84A887C0
     4DF8     7F1BB7B818A0     7F5F84A888A0
    10C70     7FFF31EDD640     7FFF4A239730
    10CD8     7FFF31EDD858     7FFF4A239948
    11B80          2462840           CFA840
    13958          247BB10           D13B10
    1CB68          2470900           D08900
    1CC08          2462F20           CFAF20
    27E38          2472F60           D0AF60
    2BE20          24731A0           D0B1A0
    3C8B8          247B4B0           D134B0

I tested the above on both a 64bit and a 32bit machines and the
results were exactly the same.
What am I doing wrong?  Is it possible that my source code is the
reason for this?

I'd appreciate any hint/help.  TIA,

Bahman Movaqar (
ERP Evaluation, Implementation and Deployment Consultant

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