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Re: [gforth] New member, new Forther

From: Owen Brand
Subject: Re: [gforth] New member, new Forther
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2011 20:33:37 -0500

Yea, the big blue paper version is the one I've got.  :). I'll be making a new gforth video tonight discussing stack manipulation... DUP, ROT, DROP, etc...

Also want to learn to redefine characters and place them on the screen---- still don't know how to so that in gforth.  Any pointers?  Maybe someone could direct me to a chapter in the manual.  Is character redefinition based on hex code?  For example:

Char(129) "56AD12FFF201BCD4"

That's assuming we're talking about 8x8 pixel chardefs.  Thanks for you help!!!
One of you fellas said something about "running on bare metal".  How is that possible without Windows?  Is it possible to put gforth onto an EPROM or the like and run it from a custom built system?  That.... would be COOL.  =)

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