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[Gcl-devel] Re: sys-proclaim (Was Re: [Maxima] Testsuite errors in CVS m

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: sys-proclaim (Was Re: [Maxima] Testsuite errors in CVS maxima)
Date: 24 Mar 2006 10:12:09 -0500
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sys-proclaim.lisp produces significantly faster code.  2.7.0 may be
able to do some of this work inline, but that is yet a ways off.  I
suggest hanving the gcl make target do a make-sys-proclaims, make
clean, and then make.  axiom has this capability for example.  acl2
modifies there defun to issue the proclaim at functino definition

Take care,

"Robert Dodier" <address@hidden> writes:

> > Is sys-proclaim really needed?  I know gcl uses it, but it seems to be
> > a maintenance headache, and a great source of potential bugs, as we
> > can see now.
> if it simplifies things to get rid of it, and it is not really needed,
> then i'm in favor of cutting it. disclaimer: i haven't looked into this 
> problem
> so i'm going only by what's been reported to the mailing list.
> all the best,
> robert dodier
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