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RE: [Gcl-devel] GCL on Windows

From: michel . lavaud
Subject: RE: [Gcl-devel] GCL on Windows
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2004 14:13:34 +0100

Hello Bill,

On 15 Dec 2004 at 3:42, Page, Bill wrote:

> So with all these choices:
>   ProgramFiles
>   CommonProgramFiles
> which of these would be the most natural choice for the
> default directory when a Windows user starts GCL from Start
> or a desktop icon? If they load a file, save an image or
> read or write to a file that needs to be accessible to some
> other application program, will it be easily accessible?

I am not sure that I understand what you mean here?

> Most windows users that I know are completely unfamilar
> and often confused if I show them the windows
>   C:\Documents and Settings
> directory since 'My Documents' is the only directory that
> they see. But that directory is not among the choices
> above (it is a subdirectory of $USERPROFILE I guess).

The only "obligation" is for the shortcuts : they ought to be installed in the 
menu and on
the desktop according to the value that is chosen for HOME, i.e. either 
or ALLUSERSPROFILE. That can be done vey well with Nsis. Besides that, 
is optional, of course.

If one wishes to be consistent with the already existing directories of Windows:

If gcl (and axiom and maxima) can deal with filenames with spaces, the defaut
installation directory for binaries ought to be a subdir of $ProgramFiles, e.g.
$ProgramFiles\Gcl, $ProgramFiles\Axiom (or $ProgramFiles\cas\Axiom, etc), and 
default dir for configuration files of gcl ought to be a subdir of $APPDATA 

If the same gcl was used as an external resource by Axiom, Maxima etc. the 
installation directory could be $CommonProgramFiles\gcl if it seems better for 
reason to keep only one copy of it.

As for the user's files, the default location could be $USERPROFILE\My
Documents\Gcl for personal documents, and $ALLUSERSPROFILE\My
Documents\Gcl for demo files or shared documents.

If blank spaces in directories pose problem at some points in gcl or axiom, the 
best, I
think, would be to define an AXIOMDIR variable at installation by extracting 
the disk
name from $ProgramFiles and take $diskname\Programs as default (modifiable by 
user), and write it in the registry.

Best wishes,

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