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[Gcl-devel] Re: [Axiom-developer] system::getenv does not return MSYS en

From: root
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: [Axiom-developer] system::getenv does not return MSYS environment variables
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 11:28:50 -0500

Mike, Camm,

>| Just a thought here -- ideally all this messy portability stuff
>| belongs in lisp.  If there aren't already lisp functions which can be
>| used for some of these system related services, I'd be happy to add
>| same, and in a manner that would mimic any other system we might want
>| to port to in the future.
>Sounds good to me.  May I suggest that we could add extra Axiom lib object
>files (if we continue to need them after the various additions we are
>contemplating - socket I/O included) through a configure argument.  I
>imagine it would also be relatively easy to close off the warnings from the
>compiler with a new option variable in the GCL compiler package - thus
>eliminating several of the patches currently applied by the Axiom build.

There is a branch effort for common lisp portability issues on called
axiom--sbcl--1 (the volunteers want axiom on sbcl). The idea is instead 
of modifying each lisp for axiom we figure out how to do the C lib 
routine (such as sockets) from the lisp level in each lisp. Then we
could #+ and #- the code. sbcl apparently has both sockets and CLX
for the X functions. It's likely that GCL does also but I just haven't
had the time to look at the API that the axiom C lib needs.


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