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[Gcl-devel] Various Windows related items

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Various Windows related items
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 14:48:51 +1000

Hi all.

A series of brief notes to square a few loose ends away before the weekend:

1. Bill's getenv bug report:

Bill, I'm sorry about the unintentionally patronising tone of my email the
other day; I was in a hurry and trying to eliminate possibilities without
due regard for what I was writing - I am, of course, pleased to be working
with you on knocking Windows GCL into a state where it reliably builds

2. Stephen's potential fix to Bill's problem:

Stephen, thanks for pointing out that rather nasty bug in
cfuns-c.c.pamphlet - hopefully the answer to the problem Bill is seeing.
The relevant passage should read (warning untested code):

#ifdef MSYSplatform
    sprintf(newpath, "PATH=%s;%s", path, dir);
#else /* MSYSplatform */
    sprintf(newpath, "PATH=%s:%s", path, dir);
#endif /* MSYSplatform */

Bill, could you please try this out and see if it helps?  I've changed the
ndef to a def and the Windows branch uses a semi-colon.

3. Database rebuild:

On Wednesday I had not done a clean and rebuild with the mods I reported in
place - I have now done so and the daase files were constructed and
installed correctly.

4. Bill's observation re the Windows section in the Makefile:

Bill, this is probably the result of my being slightly out of sync with the
Arch archive.  If there is a merge required please feel free because, as you
know, I have been unable to convince tla to help me out on this project.

5.  The coming weekend.

I will again be out of touch for at least 24 hours starting this evening.
We are, however, approaching a satisfactory ending to this series of
problems which will be worth all the trouble in the long run.


Mike Thomas.

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