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[Gcl-devel] Congrats

From: southsa_lotto
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Congrats
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:51:20 +0100

Managing your money

Getting a copy of the 'Your money' booklet

Our 3 key tips for managing your money
1. Decide what you really want, and focus on your most important goals.

2. Start saving now: you can start small and increase your savings gradually
(they'll grow with interest, too).
3. Always check the facts: ask questions and get professional advice. If
you aren't comfortable or don't understand, don't go ahead.

How are your finances going now?
Are you better off today than a year ago?
Are you saving any money? Planning your finances
What do you want to achieve?
How long will it take you to reach your goals?
How much will each goal cost?
A gap between your goals and your savings?
Budgeting and dealing with unexpected events
Budgeting: what you need and what you want
How to cut costs and boost savings
What if you can't pay your bills?
What if you get retrenched?
What if you get a windfall?

FIDO's Budget Planner

Keep an eye on fees and charges Money problems
Financial counselling
Ways to deal with debt
Debt consolidation
How to deal with debt collectors, repossession and court proceedings
Debts, families and relationships
Your credit report
Managing your loans and your mortgage
When should you borrow?
How much should you borrow?
What's the best loan?
Where to find loans
Which loans should you play off first?
Why pay loans and mortgages off faster?

More tips and warnings about credit and home loans Managing your credit
Choosing a credit card
Managing your credit cards
When things go wrong
Interest and fees on credit cards
Tips about credit card fees charged by merchants
Shopping with your card and avoiding fraud
Starting your personal investing
When do you start?
What do you invest in?
How can you invest?
How can you manage risk?
How can you cut costs?
What returns are realistic?
What if the market falls?
Should you borrow to invest?
How to avoid expensive mistakes

Four simple rules for your finances Retiring: how much will you need?
How much will you need each year?
How much will you need to save?
What about the age pension?
Developing a retirement checklist
Protecting yourself, your family and your property
Why insurance really matters
Common risks and how to insure against them
How much cover do you need?
How do you get the best cover?
Lots more about insurance Getting the most from your super
Essential facts about super
Choosing a fund
Making an investment choice
Do it yourself super
Changing funds
Judging your fund's performance
Keeping track of super
Changing jobs, redundancy
Getting your super early
Making extra contributions
What happens to your super if you die?
When you retire

Your money
Much of the information on FIDO about managing your money comes from a booklet
entitled 'Your money' which we published in October 2004. Get a copy of
'Your money' by:

downloading a copy (PDF file, 307 KB), or
phoning our Infoline on 1300 300 630 or emailing them at address@hidden
(include your name and mailing address) for a free copy of the full colour
This booklet can help you:
Use your money more wisely.
Save for what you really want.
Manage your loans, insurance, superannuation and retirement saving.
ASIC wants you to be well informed and confident about financial decisions.
This booklet can start you off on the right foot with general tips and 
Our ideas may not apply to your particular circumstances. If you want personal
financial advice, you may need to see a licensed financial adviser.

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