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RE: FW: [Gcl-devel] Floating-point performance of GCL? Bug?

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: RE: FW: [Gcl-devel] Floating-point performance of GCL? Bug?
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:51:38 +1000

Hi Nicolas.

| I replaced HANDLER-BIND for gcl.  Now it stops with the definition of
| setter functions:
| (defun (setf getbb) (...) ...)
| ; (DEFUN (SETF GETBB) ...) is being compiled.
| ;;; The function name (SETF GETBB) is not a symbol.
| Error: Cannot expand the SETF form (GETA ALIST :TEST).
| Fast links are on: do (si::use-fast-links nil) for debugging
| OK.  I definitely will wait for the 2.7.0 release.  (What are the plans?
| When will this be?)

Camm is preparing a plan and we expect to start discussing it on this
mailing list soon.

Please stay tuned and add whatever you need to the discussion - I expect it
will occur within the next fortnight.   ANSI compatibility will be a major
area of interest in the 2.7.x series, driven partly by feedback from people
such as yourself and partly by the ongoing work of Paul Dietz on the ANSI
test suite.


Mike Thomas

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