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Re: [Gcl-devel] delayed pathname.d patch

From: Michael Koehne
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] delayed pathname.d patch
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 22:04:34 +0200
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Moin Mike Thomas,

> Whether this patch is really the cause or it has just triggered the strange
> path behaviour seen in the Maxima build I don't know, but the build now
> fails trying to compile pcl/pcl_pkg.lsp because the C compiler is fed a path
> with no device (C:) as follows:

  I wonder how this patch sneaked out - impossile, as I delayed make-pathname
  to get asdf up patch, and told Camm, that pathname.d is a big can of worms.

  My current pathname.d has a complete rewrite of parse-namesting and
  merge-namesting and need an other overhaul before I attack make-pathname
  again. I'm currently even thinking about implementing translate-pathname
  at a low level - valid pathname strings are now :

  Lisp like
  [host   ':'] [';'] [directory ';']* [name ['.' type ['.' version]]]
  RCP like
  [host   ':'] ['/'] [directory '/']* [name ['.' type ['.' version]]]
  DOS like
  [device ':'] ['/'] [directory '/']* [name ['.' type ['.' version]]]
  URL like
  [device ':'] ['//' host '/'] [directory '/']* [name ['.' type ['.' version]]]

  I only know two systems who need device names: VM and some other.
  I dont have any Lisp under VM and I avoid to touch the other system.

  Both have single characters as devices, e.g: #P"C:FOO.LISP" or
  #P"FOO LISP C". Both systems provide own facilities to ACCESS a
  local or network drive or directory as a device. (ACCESS 191 A
  on VM/370) I therefore deceided that single character string in
  RCP/DOS notations are devices, while longer are hosts.
  The ANSI standard does'nt tell how to map devices to a
  system that does not have such a concept. So #P"C:FOO.LISP"
  is untested, currently. But I plan to use translate-pathname
  for LOGICAL-DEVICENAME-TRANSLATIONS similar to logical-pathname.

  I could mail you my next version, to check if they are able to
  build a gcl and your favourite software under the 'other os',
  that I avoid to touch.

Bye Michael
  mailto:address@hidden             UNA:+.? 'CED+2+:::Linux:2.4.22'UNZ+1'
  http://www.xml-edifact.org/           CETERUM CENSEO WINDOWS ESSE DELENDAM

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