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Some history, was Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: Status of GCL?

From: Jeff Dalton
Subject: Some history, was Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: Status of GCL?
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 03:01:42 +0100 (BST)
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Quoting Camm Maguire <address@hidden>:

> Greetings!
> Jeff Dalton <address@hidden> writes:

> > I've done a lot of work with KCL/AKCL/GCL over the years
> > (including porting it a couple of times), and I'd like to
> > start using it again if it's being actively supported,
> > which it sounds like it is.

> ...

> Wondering what ports you've done in the past.

It's hard to remember, because it was so long ago.  I've even
had to search the net for things that would prompt my memory.
I found some things I'd completely forgotten, and some
I misremembered; and in some other cases I'm no longer sure
who did what or whether the Lisp was KCL or AKCL.

Anyway, some friends (Richard Tobin, Alan Black) and I got KCL
working on Minux.  That was before 386BSD came out.  We also
ported to NetBSD and FreeBSD.  Richard used to distribute
the files needed to make AKCL 1.615 work with NetBSD 0.9.

Sometime around 1990, I ported KCL to a Gould machine.
That was difficult, because of the machine's segmented
architecture.  (I misremembered that one.  I thought
it might have been to a GEC 63, but it was the Gould that
had the tricky architecture.)

I also ported "the usual June 1987 KCL (rather than AKCL) to
the [Sequent] Symmetry", and, later

  AKCL 1-605 to a Sequent running their new OS, PTX.
  (This is different from the Sequent port that was already
  part of AKCL-1-605.)

I'd forgotten all about those two, so I'm quoting from some
old messages I found.

> > In fact, I still use it for one thing (the O-Plan AI planning
> > system).  Unfortunately, due to Linux and FreeBSD changes over
> > the years, the GCLs I'm using no longer work well enough for
> > me to load compiled code.
> > 
> > Since O-Plan isn't being actively developed these days, I've
> > been able to get by with an old image and non-compiled files
> > loaded at run-time(!).
> Is this O-Plan open source?

Not at present, though there are plans to make it so.  We've
always made it available for academic use, but I'm not sure
what its exact status is.

-- Jeff

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