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RE: [Gcl-devel] 2.6.2

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: RE: [Gcl-devel] 2.6.2
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 12:14:04 +1000

Hi all.

Vadim raised some issues:

| I observe a few problems on mingw:
| 1). mingw.defs defines GCL_HTML in old style (gcl_toc.html etc)
| thus build on mingw fails on info -> html conversion.

Here is a proposed path to info/makefile which I have been using recently to
ensure that the HTML is built and installed in a sensible location.  It
uncomments the targets and makes the HTML directory structure a little more
sensible (to me at least):

RCS file: /cvsroot/gcl/gcl/info/makefile,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.23.6.3 makefile
< #gcl-si_toc.html: ${GCL_SI} gcl-si.texi
< #     $(HTML_CMD) gcl-si.texi
> gcl-si_toc.html: ${GCL_SI} gcl-si.texi
>       $(HTML_CMD) gcl-si.texi
< #gcl-tk_toc.html: ${GCL_TK} gcl-tk.texi
< #     $(HTML_CMD) gcl-tk.texi
> gcl-tk_toc.html: ${GCL_TK} gcl-tk.texi
>       $(HTML_CMD) gcl-tk.texi
< #gcl_toc.html:
< #     $(HTML_CMD) gcl.texi
> gcl_toc.html:
>       $(HTML_CMD) gcl.texi
<       -mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl.html
<       -mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-si.html
<       -mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-tk.html
< #     -cp gcl_*html gcl.html $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl.html
< #     -cp gcl-si*html $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-si.html
< #     -cp gcl-tk*html $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-tk.html
<       -cp gcl/* $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl.html
<       -cp gcl-si/* $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-si.html
<       -cp gcl-tk/* $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc/gcl-doc/gcl-tk.html
>       -mkdir -p $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc
>       -cp -r gcl-si gcl gcl-tk $(DESTDIR)$(INFO_DIR)../doc


| But even if this problem is fixed make install fro .html
| fails on mingw and need to be updated according to new
| html scheme in GCL.

I've checked in a change this morning to the main makefile to ensure that a
failure to build HTML does not stop the install.  As the copy is the last
step in install it doesn't matter anyway, but for tidiness it's in.

| 2) It is good idea to mention in readme.mingw:
|    2.1)  GCL build on mingw requires not only
|    mingw+msys+msysDTK but also additional
|    texi2html script (with !#/usr/bin/perl -> !#/bin/perl).

"HTML_CMD=makeinfo --html" in "info/makefile" does the trick on MinGW
provided those targets are uncommented in the patch above.

|    2.2)  Mention that readline doesn't work on mingw.
|    Although with some modification GCL can be compiled on
|    mingw with readline (remove all references to
|    ncurses in configure) but result is broken.

Now mentioned, thanks for the reminder.

| Finally, what about including into gcl 2.6.2 some memory
| allocation enhancements?
| 3). More aggressive default allocation-growth parameters.
| 4). Make (si::set-gmp-allocate-relocatable t) default.
| 5). Increase a bit initial hole size.

I'll leave these to the experts.


Mike Thomas.

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