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Re: P.S. to address@hidden: Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: ACL2 Version 2.7 release

From: Matt Kaufmann
Subject: Re: P.S. to address@hidden: Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: ACL2 Version 2.7 release]
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 22:11:54 -0600

Hi, Camm --

>> Hi Matt!  Just wanted to ask again for your feedback if any on the new
>> acl2 Debian package before I release it.

This is embarrassing, but I'm quite confused.  I seem to have fetched something
of yours on Oct. 28 called acl2_2.7-7.diff, but I made the mistake of not
keeping a note of where I obtained it.  It appears that I applied its diffs to
create an updated acl2-sources/ directory, though I don't know how I did it
(more embarrassment), and tonight I analyzed the changes there, which look
good.  I can give you further comments on that if it turns out that this is
indeed the stuff I was supposed to look at.

Does the above acl2_2.7-7.diff ring any bells?

But I've looked at http://www.debian.org/people/~camm/acl2_2.7.8_i386.deb and
it's different from what is indicated by acl2_2.7-7.diff.  In particular, you
seem to have applied a patch to proof-checker-b.lisp in usr/share/acl2-2.7.
And, the Makefile is missing in that directory.

The missing Makefile leads me to ask: Can you summarize how your ACL2 debian
release is related to what we put out on the web?  I'd like to be helpful, and
also I'm nervous about deviating very much from what we release on the web
unless I can understand it pretty readily.  We tend to avoid minor releases; in
fact our resources are limited (there are still several dozen fixes on our
plate for ACL2 2.8, minimum, and many more we hope to get to).

Thanks --
-- Matt

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