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Re: [Maxima] RE: [Gcl-devel] Using do-symbols in gcl

From: Vadim V. Zhytnikov
Subject: Re: [Maxima] RE: [Gcl-devel] Using do-symbols in gcl
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2003 17:43:26 +0300
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Camm Maguire ?????:
Greetings!  Is this still a problem?  to_lisp(); seems to exit the
maxima process for me on Linux.

Hmm, I don't observe this - latest Macima and GCL 2.6.1 CVS
both traditional and ANSI builds.

Take care,

"Mike Thomas" <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Stavros.

| (do-symbols (xx) (print xx)) prints out 484 symbols (through
| $GFACTORSUM), then GCL (not just Maxima) crashes with "Error sending to
| Maxima:: can not find channel named "sock252"".

I'm not sure I understand how you did this as I don't understand what
GFACTORSUM has to do with do-symbols.  Could you please show me what you
typed at the Maxima prompt?

Never-the-less I think I got close to your problem as follows.  Here is what
I got in maxima-local while trying to reproduce your report:

(C1) (X+1)*((U+V)^2+A*(W+Z)^2),EXPAND;

         2      2                            2      2                2
(D1) A X Z  + A Z  + 2 A W X Z + 2 A W Z + A W  X + V  X + 2 U V X + U  X

                                                           2    2
                                                      + A W  + V  + 2 U V +

                                         2          2
(D2)                    (X + 1) (A (Z + W)  + (V + U) )

                                         2          2
(D3)                    (X + 1) (A (Z + W)  + (V + U) )
Incorrect syntax: Premature termination of input at $.
(D4)                              GFACTORSUM
(C5) to_lisp();

Type (run) to restart

To_lisp() seems to crash the interpreter directly.  Under XMaxima I get a
pop-up requestor with a message similar to yours by running to_lisp():

Error sending to Maxima::
can not find channel named "sock1892"
You may need to restart

This problem occurred for me with the standard Windows Maxima release and
with a GCL 2.6.1 built CVS maxima local on a P IV Windows XP box.

| Does anyone know what is going on?  Until this gets fixed, is there some
| workaround for iterating through all symbols used by Maxima (presumably
| those in the Maxima package)?
| This does not happen in GCL-2.5.0 in a command window with no Maxima
| loaded, but I've CC'd the GCL developers since it crashes GCL.

Likewise, running the command "(do-symbols (xx) (print xx))" in a normal GCL
2.6.1 session (ie, not under Maxima) does not cause problems.

|  It
| should be impossible to write user code that crashes the interpreter
| like this, right?



Mike Thomas.

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     Vadim V. Zhytnikov


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