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Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: (random tester) Another compiler side effects bug

From: Paul F. Dietz
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] Re: (random tester) Another compiler side effects bug
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 19:40:36 -0600
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Camm Maguire wrote:

OK, an example showing a notable compile time performance degradation
before vs. after the latest commit would be most helpful.  (You can
still access the cvs as of a certain date with the -D flag).  My guess
is that a trace of compiler::add-info would be illustrative.  If you
can send me a test function, I'll take a look at it.

What I'm seeing appears to be a gradual degradation of compile time
as more compiles are performed.  Maybe some global data structure
is persisting between compiles, and gets bigger and bigger?  A list
in a special variable, perhaps?


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