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[Gcl-devel] gcl-2.5.3 on SuSE8.2p9/AMD64

From: Yoriaki FUJIMORI
Subject: [Gcl-devel] gcl-2.5.3 on SuSE8.2p9/AMD64
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003 13:56:05 +0900

Dear listers,
I am trying to compile gcl 2.5.3 on the above platform.
I came to load raw_gcl, but the following errors take place:

./raw_gcl ./ -libdir /shared/zTMP/zzk3/gcl-2.5.3/ < foo
GCL (GNU Common Lisp)  April 1994  32768 pages
Building symbol table for ./raw_gcl ..
loading ./../lsp/export.lsp
Initializing defmacro.o
Initializing evalmacros.o
Initializing top.o
Initializing module.o
loading ./../lsp/autoload.lsp
#<"COMPILER" package>
#<"SLOOP" package>
#<"SERROR" package>
#<"ANSI-LOOP" package>
#<"DEFPACKAGE" package>
#<"TK" package>
#<"SYSTEM" package>
SYSTEM>Initializing predlib.o
Initializing setf.o
Initializing arraylib.o
Initializing assert.o
Initializing defstruct.o
Initializing describe.o
Initializing iolib.o
Initializing listlib.o
Initializing mislib.o
Initializing numlib.o
Initializing packlib.o
Initializing seq.o
Initializing seqlib.o

Error: The variable QUOTE is unbound.
Error signalled by INIT-SYSTEM.
Broken at BREAK-LEVEL.  Type :H for Help.
#<"USER" package>
>>rm init_gcl.lsp.tmp raw_gcl

Could some kind sould tell me how to cope with this?
Thanks in advance.

Yoriaki Fujimori

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