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[Gcl-devel] RE: GCL ACL2 - gc$ and contrl-C

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: [Gcl-devel] RE: GCL ACL2 - gc$ and contrl-C
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:14:12 +1000

Hi Jacques.

| I have tried and, so far, everything seems to work including the
| "control-c"

Great!  It seems you will be OK for the time being with ACL2.

| I am sorry, most of my troubles seem to having been caused by the
| "gcl-2.5.3-ansi-japi-xdr.20030701_mingw32.zip" pulled from the cvs

You weren't to know.  The trouble began because I was unable to replace the
unstable version quickly enough due to the download site problems.

| In fact, I should have built GCL from the source files but my "cygwin"
| environment does still fail with some errors

As I said, unless you want to support a Cygwin build yourself, you need to
use MSYS and MinGW32 if you want a Windows version of GCL (see the
readme-mingw.txt file in the source distribution.)

| I need to communicate with you on this subject, but right now, I am in the
| middle of a management mess that takes 100% of my time
| Texas Instruments does uses hundreds of Sun Sparc, and pc linux farms
| But, all laptops are still windows XP based
| This is why Win32 images was important for me

It's important for the Maxima distribution too (and maybe soon Axiom) so you
don't need to worry about GCL disappearing in a hurry.

Help is always appreciated as there is a distinct shortage of Windows
programmers prepared to work on this project and there is at least one
problem to which I have been unable to provide a solution for many months.


Mike Thomas.

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