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RE: [Gcl-devel] Using GCL for games development

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: RE: [Gcl-devel] Using GCL for games development
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 09:51:09 +1000

Hi Eric.

| Thanks! I modified the OpenGL makefile as well as the makedefs and managed
| to create a SDL window.

Great - I'm looking forward to playing a Lisp 3D blockbuster!

| Since the SDL uses both globals and threads I wonder if it is anything
| special I should do to avoid problems with GCL. I noticed that you had to
| be careful when accessing globals from guile at least, and threads often
| cause trouble.

I don't think that anyone has seriously considered threading issues with
GCL.  An introduction to some of the issues regarding multithreaded Lisp can
be found at Roger Corman's web site:


but you'll need to be able to read Powerpoint format:



Mike Thomas.

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