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[Gcl-devel] Problem with linking a large C library

From: Diptansu Das
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Problem with linking a large C library
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:59:09 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Everyone,
   I wish to try out LISP in my work as a physicist. I
am trying to figure out how to link GCL to a large C
library that I use daily. For now, I just wish to call
one function from the library which just passes an
integer and returns void. Not anything particularly
hard, and I have been able to remake GCL so that it
calls similar small functions easily. However, whenerv
I link the C libraries I want to use (btw, the library
is called ROOT) , make fails. It compiles all the
fiels, and then in the unixport/ directory it tries to
do a "make saved_gcl", at which point, it says "Error:
GBC is not enabled" and there is a segfault. Weird
thing is, even if I do not link any functions from
this library, and just include the libraries in the
LIBS variable, make still fails. Anyone have any idea
as to what the problem mabe?


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