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[Gcl-devel] Issue on in-package from gcl-2.4.4 to gcl-2.5.2, correct fi

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Issue on in-package from gcl-2.4.4 to gcl-2.5.2, correct fix? where to dig?
Date: 26 Apr 2003 17:28:46 +0200
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[ Sorry if I'm out of topic for this list. Please redirect me to correct
  list if needed. ]

I'm interested in ported a software (Axiom) from gcl-2.4.4 to latest gcl

One issue I am fighting is that some (in-package ...) statements are
working on gcl-2.4.4 and not gcl-2.5.2.

According to Tim Daily (of Axiom fame), this issue is related to the
fact that "Common Lisp definition has changed since Axiom was
written. In particular, use-package used to create the package if it did
not exist and now it does not." (quoting tim [1]).

The advice from tim[2] is to change each (in-package ...) in
"(make-package ...) (in-package ...)".

Is it the right fix for gcl-2.5.2?

In an attempt to apply this fix, I observed a strange behaviour (to me
;-) that I could not explain[3] :

If I do:
-- --
gcl> (compile-file "/path-to/boothdr.lisp" :output-file "/tmp/boothdr.o")
-- --
it fails on (in-package ...) S-expr.

However, if I do:
-- --
gcl> (make-package 'BOOTTRAN)
gcl> (compile-file "/path-to/boothdr.lisp" :output-file "/tmp/boothdr.o")
-- --
it works!

Moreover, as I'm new to common lisp, is anybody on this list knows a
good reference/pointer where I could dig and try to understand all those
package considerations?

Many thanks in advance for any help,
Best regards,

[1] http://mail.nongnu.org/archive/html/axiom-developer/2003-03/msg00001.html
[2] http://mail.nongnu.org/archive/html/axiom-developer/2003-03/msg00004.html
[3] http://mail.nongnu.org/archive/html/axiom-developer/2003-03/msg00002.html

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