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Re: [Gcl-devel] Additional structure tests added

From: Peter Wood
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] Additional structure tests added
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 2003 23:32:23 +0100
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Hi, again ...
On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 07:47:09PM -0600, Paul F. Dietz wrote:
> I'm back from Christmas vacation.  I've added some more structure tests.
> The test suite is now causing gcl to seg fault after catching an error
> (this is on x86 Linux):


> Unrecoverable error: Segmentation violation..
> Aborted

In fact, its not even necessary to _run_ the tests to see this.  Just
load the struct tests and try the following (it probably won't abort
your process, since you are not ignoring the error):

> (in-package :cl-test)

#<"CL-TEST" package>

CL-TEST> (find-class 'struct-test-21)

#<Structure-Class STRUCT-TEST-21 1047012310>

CL-TEST> (find-class 'struct-test-20)

#<Structure-Class STRUCT-TEST-20 1046544760>

CL-TEST> (find-class 'struct-test-23)

#<Structure-Class STRUCT-TEST-23 1046425370>

CL-TEST> (find-class 'struct-test-22)

Caught fatal error: memory may be damaged.

Fast links are on: do (si:use-fast-links nil) for debugging
Broken at FIND-CLASS.  Type :H for Help.
 1 (Abort) Return to top level.
[DBG]CL-TEST>>  :bt

#1   EVAL {loc0=nil,loc1=nil,loc2=nil,loc3=#<compiled-function find-class>} 
#3   FUNCALL {loc0=#<compiled-function system:top-level>} [ihs=4]

The problem tests are 'struct-test-22/{13,14,17}.

PCL uses a hash-table pcl::*find-class* to store the class values of
keys (like 'struct-test-22).  Something is going wrong with the
creation / and/or storage of the structure class for struct-test-22.
Look at this:

CL-TEST> (find-class 'struct-test-21)

#<Structure-Class STRUCT-TEST-21 >

CL-TEST> (gethash 'struct-test-22 pcl::*find-class*)


CL-TEST> (gethash 'struct-test-21 pcl::*find-class*)

(#<Structure-Class STRUCT-TEST-21 >
 #<compiled-closure PCL::|CL-TEST::STRUCT-TEST-21 class predicate|>)

(I am running these interpreted for debugging)

I can't yet see why precisely 'struct-test-22 is causing this.  If it
was some memory thing I would expect it to be a bit more random.  Yet
it is 100% predictable.

More later ...


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