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Re: [Gcl-devel] mkdir problem with msys make ?

From: Mike Thomas
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] mkdir problem with msys make ?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:16:09 +1000

Hi Michel.

> (my fault, or the fault of version 1.10.5 of cvs for Win32 I used, or any
> other reason).

If you are using MSYS you avoid all these troubles by using the cvs
executable (1.11) which comes with MSYS, in the file
"msysDTK-1.0.0-alpha-1.tar.gz".  The details of how to do this are set out
in the file "readme.mingw" in CVS.

As a side note, I have never had anything but trouble from using the Win32
version of CVS provided at the CVS web site.  I always use either Cygwin or
MSYS cvs, even for projects which don't involve either of those sets of

Camm, in answer to your question "tr" is available as part of MSYS and
(CYGWIN), but as far as I can determine, there should be no need to do this
if building with MSYS/Mingw (or CYGWIN).


Mike Thomas.

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