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[Gcl-devel] simple-storage-error

From: Paul Dietz
Subject: [Gcl-devel] simple-storage-error
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:22:29 -0600

> Yes.  I bit my tongue _as_ the mail was going out.  I have defined a
> condition for ansi GCL (not in CVS) called simple-storage-condition
> (should be simple-storage-error) which inherits from storage-condition
> and simple-error.  This gets caught by ignore-errors.  This is
> permissable, right? Advisable?

It's permissible as long as you don't make that an external
symbol of the COMMON-LISP package (that set of symbols is strictly
specified).  You should make it an external symbol of some extension
package.  Also, you should try to maintain consistency with other
lisp implementations, if possible.

>From the standard (the page for CONDITION):

  "No additional subtype relationships among the specified subtypes
   of type condition are allowed, except when explicitly mentioned
   in the text; however implementations are permitted to introduce
   additional types and one of these types can be a subtype of any
   number of the subtypes of type condition."


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