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Re: Preliminary Ansi support (was Re: [Gcl-devel] [axiom] Uppercase CON

From: Vadim V. Zhytnikov
Subject: Re: Preliminary Ansi support (was Re: [Gcl-devel] [axiom] Uppercase CONST bug in /usr/include/bfd.h)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:58:01 +0300
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Camm Maguire пишет:
Hi Vadim!

"Vadim V. Zhytnikov" <address@hidden> writes:

Vadim V. Zhytnikov пишет:

Camm Maguire пишет:

Greetings!  I've committed a modification of Vadim's patch.  Configure
with --disable-ansi to get the old traditional gcl image.

Oops, I can't update my local CVS dir after recent updates!
The major part of /pcl directory is downloaded but after this
cvs stops or rather goes into infinite loop - transfer goes
at full speed but no files are actually downloaded. I'm not
CVS expert but I suspect that cvs doesn't like symlinks.
Maybe /pcl/sys-package.lisp and /pcl/sys-proclaim.lisp
symlinks should be replaced by corresponding files?

I have already some little modification to ANSI-CL patch
and success story about Maxima 5.9 build but I'd like
to check it with current GCL cvs.

Best wishes,


Ok, symlinks have nothing to do with the trouble.
CVS ignored them and not commited to the repository.
Please, remove saved_gcl_pcl from CVS !

OK!  Oops!  I had cvs trouble with the import last night, so please
look this over carefully.  I thought I could do a cvs add, but needed
import instead, and had to revert some initial changes.

And actual pcl/sys-package.lisp, pcl/sys-proclaim.lisp are

I have them on a fresh checkout.  Are you sure?

Yes, sorry, I do not see them in [GCL-commits] messages
whence my anxiety.  But actually they are present in CVS.
My slow access to Internet via modem and time difference
contribute to some confusion :-)

Best wishes,


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