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[Gcl-devel] DEFPACKAGE in gcl

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] DEFPACKAGE in gcl
Date: 15 Feb 2002 17:12:32 -0500

Greetings!  When running gcl under ilisp, or when trying to compile xp
supplied by R.Toy, I'm getting the following defpackage error:

;;; Loading /usr/share/emacs20/site-lisp/ilisp/ilisp-pkg.lisp
Error: DEFPACKAGE::OPTION is invalid as a function.

I'm including the defpackage I've recently included in gcl below.  Can
some lisp guru spot the error again?

Sorry to be so much trouble.

Take care,

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Syntax: Common-lisp; Base: 10; Package: (DEFPACKAGE 
;;;                              THE BOEING COMPANY
;;;                           BOEING COMPUTER SERVICES
;;;                            RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
;;;                               COMPUTER SCIENCE
;;;                           P.O. BOX 24346, MS 7L-64
;;;                            SEATTLE, WA 98124-0346
;;; Copyright (c) 1990, 1991 The Boeing Company, All Rights Reserved.
;;; Permission is granted to any individual or institution to use,
;;; copy, modify, and distribute this software, provided that this
;;; complete copyright and permission notice is maintained, intact, in
;;; all copies and supporting documentation and that modifications are
;;; appropriately documented with date, author and description of the
;;; change.
;;; Stephen L. Nicoud (address@hidden) provides this software "as
;;; is" without express or implied warranty by him or The Boeing
;;; Company.
;;; This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.  No author or distributor accepts
;;; responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or for
;;; whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all.
;;;     Author: Stephen L. Nicoud
;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------
;;;     Read-Time Conditionals used in this file.
;;;     #+LISPM
;;;     #+EXCL
;;;     #+SYMBOLICS
;;;     #+TI
;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------

;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------
;;;     DEFPACKAGE - This files attempts to define a portable
;;;     implementation for DEFPACKAGE, as defined in "Common LISP, The
;;;     Language", by Guy L. Steele, Jr., Second Edition, 1990, Digital
;;;     Press.
;;;     Send comments, suggestions, and/or questions to:
;;;             Stephen L Nicoud <address@hidden>
;;;     An early version of this file was tested in Symbolics Common
;;;     Lisp (Genera 7.2 & 8.0 on a Symbolics 3650 Lisp Machine),
;;;     Franz's Allegro Common Lisp (Release 3.1.13 on a Sun 4, SunOS
;;;     4.1), and Sun Common Lisp (Lucid Common Lisp 3.0.2 on a Sun 3,
;;;     SunOS 4.1).
;;;     91/5/23 (SLN) - Since the initial testing, modifications have
;;;     been made to reflect new understandings of what DEFPACKAGE
;;;     should do.  These new understandings are the result of
;;;     discussions appearing on the X3J13 and Common Lisp mailing
;;;     lists.  Cursory testing was done on the modified version only
;;;     in Allegro Common Lisp (Release 3.1.13 on a Sun 4, SunOS 4.1).
;;; -----------------------------------------------------------------

(lisp:in-package :DEFPACKAGE)

(export '(defpackage))

(proclaim '(declaration values arglist))

;(eval-when (compile load eval)
;   #-lispm
;   (unless (member :loop *features*)
;     (require :loop #+excl (merge-pathnames "loop" 
;   (unless (find-package :common-lisp)
;     (rename-package :lisp :common-lisp (union '("CL" "LISP") 
(package-nicknames (find-package :lisp)) :test #'string=)))
;   (unless (find-package :common-lisp-user)
;     (rename-package :user :common-lisp-user (union '("CL-USER" "USER") 
(package-nicknames (find-package :user)) :test #'string=)))
;   #+lispm
;   (shadow (intern "DEFPACKAGE" #+symbolics :scl #+ti :ticl) 'defpackage)
;   (proclaim '(declaration values arglist))
;   (export 'defpackage 'defpackage)
;   )

(defmacro DEFPACKAGE (name &rest options)
  (declare (type (or symbol string) name)
           (arglist defined-package-name &rest options)
           (values package))
  "DEFPACKAGE - DEFINED-PACKAGE-NAME {OPTION}*                  [Macro]

   This creates a new package, or modifies an existing one, whose name is
   symbol; if it is a symbol, only its print name matters, and not what
   package, if any, the symbol happens to be in.  The newly created or 
   modified package is returned as the value of the DEFPACKAGE form.

   Each standard OPTION is a list of keyword (the name of the option)
   and associated arguments.  No part of a DEFPACKAGE form is evaluated.
   Except for the :SIZE and :DOCUMENTATION options, more than one option 
   of the same kind may occur within the same DEFPACKAGE form.

  Valid Options:
        (:documentation         string)
        (:size                  integer)
        (:nicknames             {package-name}*)
        (:shadow                {symbol-name}*)
        (:shadowing-import-from package-name {symbol-name}*)
        (:use                   {package-name}*)
        (:import-from           package-name {symbol-name}*)
        (:intern                {symbol-name}*)
        (:export                {symbol-name}*)
        (:export-from           {package-name}*)

  [Note: :EXPORT-FROM is an extension to DEFPACKAGE.
         If a symbol is interned in the package being created and
         if a symbol with the same print name appears as an external
         symbol of one of the packages in the :EXPORT-FROM option,
         then the symbol is exported from the package being created.

         :DOCUMENTATION is an extension to DEFPACKAGE.

         :SIZE is used only in Genera and Allegro.]"

  (loop for (option) in options
        unless (member option '(:documentation :size :nicknames :shadow 
:shadowing-import-from :use :import-from :intern :export :export-from))
          do (cerror "Proceed, ignoring this option." "~s is not a valid 
DEFPACKAGE option." option))
  (labels ((option-test (arg1 arg2) (when (consp arg2) (equal (car arg2) arg1)))
           (option-values-list (option options)
             (loop for result = (member option options ':test #'option-test)
                              then (member option (rest result) ':test 
                   until (null result) when result collect (rest (first 
           (option-values (option options)
             (loop for result  = (member option options ':test #'option-test)
                              then (member option (rest result) ':test 
                   until (null result) when result append (rest (first 
    (loop for option in '(:size :documentation)
          when (<= 2 (count option options ':key #'car))
            do (warn "DEFPACKAGE option ~s specified more than once.  The first 
value \"~a\" will be used." option (first (option-values option options))))
    (setq name (string name))
    (let ((nicknames (mapcar #'string (option-values ':nicknames options)))
          (documentation (first (option-values ':documentation options)))
          (size (first (option-values ':size options)))
          (shadowed-symbol-names (mapcar #'string (option-values ':shadow 
          (interned-symbol-names (mapcar #'string (option-values ':intern 
          (exported-symbol-names (mapcar #'string (option-values ':export 
          (shadowing-imported-from-symbol-names-list (loop for list in 
(option-values-list ':shadowing-import-from options)
                                                           collect (cons 
(string (first list)) (mapcar #'string (rest list)))))
          (imported-from-symbol-names-list (loop for list in 
(option-values-list ':import-from options)
                                                 collect (cons (string (first 
list)) (mapcar #'string (rest list)))))
          (exported-from-package-names (mapcar #'string (option-values 
':export-from options))))
        (flet ((find-duplicates (&rest lists)
                 (let (results)
                   (loop for list in lists
                         for more on (cdr lists)
                         for i from 1
                     (loop for elt in list
                           as entry = (find elt results :key #'car :test 
                           unless (member i entry)
                               (loop for l2 in more
                                     for j from (1+ i)
                                 (if (member elt l2 :test #'string=)
                                     (if entry
                                         (nconc entry (list j))
                                         (setq entry (car (push (list elt i j) 
          (loop for duplicate in (find-duplicates shadowed-symbol-names 
                                                  (loop for list in 
shadowing-imported-from-symbol-names-list append (rest list))
                                                  (loop for list in 
imported-from-symbol-names-list append (rest list)))
            (error "The symbol ~s cannot coexist in these lists:~{ ~s~}" (first 
                   (loop for num in (rest duplicate)
                         collect (case num (1 ':SHADOW)(2 ':INTERN)(3 
          (loop for duplicate in (find-duplicates exported-symbol-names 
            (error "The symbol ~s cannot coexist in these lists:~{ ~s~}" (first 
                   (loop for num in (rest duplicate) collect (case num (1 
':EXPORT)(2 ':INTERN))))))
      `(eval-when (load eval compile)
         (if (find-package ,name)
             (progn (rename-package ,name ,name)
                    ,@(when nicknames `((rename-package ,name ,name 
                    #+(or symbolics excl)
                    ,@(when size
                        #+symbolics `((when (> ,size (pkg-max-number-of-symbols 
(find-package ,name)))
                                        (pkg-rehash (find-package ,name) 
                        #+excl `((let ((tab (excl::package-internal-symbols 
(find-package ,name))))
                                   (when (hash-table-p tab)
                                     (setf (excl::ha_rehash-size tab) ,size)))))
                    ,@(when (not (null (member ':use options ':key #'car)))
                        `((unuse-package (package-use-list (find-package 
,name)) ,name))))
           (make-package ,name ':use 'nil ':nicknames ',nicknames ,@(when size 
#+lispm `(:size ,size) #+excl `(:internal-symbols ,size))))
         ,@(when documentation `((setf (get ',(intern name :keyword) #+excl 
'excl::%package-documentation #-excl ':package-documentation) ,documentation)))
         (let ((*package* (find-package ,name)))
           ,@(when SHADOWed-symbol-names `((SHADOW (mapcar #'intern 
           ,@(when SHADOWING-IMPORTed-from-symbol-names-list
               (mapcar #'(lambda (list)
                           `(SHADOWING-IMPORT (mapcar #'(lambda (symbol) 
(intern symbol ,(first list))) ',(rest list))))
           (USE-PACKAGE ',(or (mapcar #'string (option-values ':USE options)) 
           ,@(when IMPORTed-from-symbol-names-list
               (mapcar #'(lambda (list) `(IMPORT (mapcar #'(lambda (symbol) 
(intern symbol ,(first list))) ',(rest list))))
           ,@(when INTERNed-symbol-names `((mapcar #'INTERN 
           ,@(when EXPORTed-symbol-names `((EXPORT (mapcar #'intern 
           ,@(when EXPORTed-from-package-names
               `((dolist (package ',EXPORTed-from-package-names)
                   (do-external-symbols (symbol (find-package package))
                     (when (nth 1 (multiple-value-list (find-symbol (string 
                       (EXPORT (list (intern (string symbol)))))))))
         (find-package ,name)))))

;(excl::defadvice cl:documentation (look-for-package-type :around)
;    (let ((symbol (first excl::arglist))
;          (type (second excl::arglist)))
;       (if (or (eq ':package (intern (string type) :keyword))
;              (eq ':defpackage (intern (string type) :keyword)))
;          (or (get symbol 'excl::%package-documentation)
;              (get (intern (string symbol) :keyword) 
;        (values :do-it))))

;(scl::advise cl:documentation :around look-for-package-type nil
;   (let ((symbol (first scl::arglist))
;        (type (second scl::arglist)))
;     (if (or (eq ':package (intern (string type) :keyword))
;            (eq ':defpackage (intern (string type) :keyword)))
;        (or (get symbol ':package-documentation)
;            (get (intern (string symbol) :keyword) ':package-documentation))
;       (values :do-it))))

(provide :defpackage)
(pushnew :defpackage *features*)

(eval-when (load)
  (in-package "USER")
  (unintern 'defpackage 'user)
  (use-package "DEFPACKAGE"))

;;;; ------------------------------------------------------------
;;;;    End of File
;;;; ------------------------------------------------------------

Camm Maguire                                            address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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