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[gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk annotated tag, gawk-4.1.0, created. gawk-4.1.0

From: Arnold Robbins
Subject: [gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk annotated tag, gawk-4.1.0, created. gawk-4.1.0
Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 11:04:23 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "gawk".

The annotated tag, gawk-4.1.0 has been created
        at  89109feaf2f766991ada75e3cfbc5d1775cf956d (tag)
   tagging  78193b5c3a269ea04a51a26f51d53c2a182ba001 (commit)
 tagged by  Arnold D. Robbins
        on  Fri May 10 14:03:43 2013 +0300

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging 4.1.0 release.

Anders Wallin (4):
      Update to handle removal of pgawk and dgawk, workaround for MMS bug
      Removal of pgawk and dgawk, workaround for MMS bug
      Add and update tests for VMS to get in synch with rest of the platforms. 
Tests for MPFR and extensions are not included.
      Add and update tests for VMS to get in synch with rest of the platforms. 
Tests for MPFR and extensions are not included.

Andrew J. Schorr (82):
      - Add new environment variable AWKLIBPATH to use when searching for shared
      New @load keyword to load shared libraries.
      Minor fix to extension/
      Fix some coding style issues and a typo in a comment.
      xgawk + derived files needed to build
      Add extension/.gitignore to ignore libtool output.
      Add extension/.gitignore to ignore libtool output.
      Fix some incorrect .gitignore changes that slipped in by mistake.
      Pick up README.git changes that Juergen pushed into the xgawk branch.
      Added TODO.xgawk.
      Added TODO.xgawk.
      Really Added TODO.xgawk
      Really Added TODO.xgawk
      Rewrite extension/
      Rewrite extension/
      Update TODO.xgawk to mention libltdl.
      Update TODO.xgawk to mention libltdl.
      Update TODO.xgawk.
      Update TODO.xgawk.
      Fix minor bugs in and awkgram.y.
      Fix minor bugs in and awkgram.y.
      Remove libtool from repo, since configure makes it.
      Update ERRNO API.
      Update ERRNO API.
      Add valgrind-noleak target.
      Add valgrind-noleak target.
      Update valgrind-scan rule.
      Update valgrind-scan rule.
      Minor extension fixes.
      Minor extension fixes.
      Extension enhancements and tests.
      Extension enhancements and tests.
      Fix shared library tests to work properly with make diffout.
      Fix shared library tests to work properly with make diffout.
      Fix valgrind targets to respect environment settings and work with for 
shared library tests.
      Fix valgrind targets to respect environment settings and work with for 
shared library tests.
      Add some missing test .ok files to EXTRA_DIST.
      Add some missing test .ok files to EXTRA_DIST.
      Update test/ to reflect last patch.
      Protect against environment VALGRIND value.
      Protect against environment VALGRIND value.
      Fix memory management bug in unset_ERRNO.
      Fix memory management bug in unset_ERRNO.
      Set array elements properly in stat() extension.
      Set array elements properly in stat() extension.
      Copy new gawkapi.h from xgawk branch.
      Fix comment typo in gawkapi.h
      Fix comment typo in gawkapi.h
      Remove extension/xreadlink.[ch] and update TODO.xgawk
      Add comment to extension/filefuncs.c discussing unref on value from 
      Add -i option, append .awk if initial search fails, and allow -f repeats.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Move libtool from top into extension directory.
      First working version of new API mechanism (probably has memory leaks).
      Install gawkapi.h, fix is_off_limits_var, and enhance ordchr test.
      Remove unused (obsolete) files in the extension directory.
      Remove obsolete comment in extension/
      Add time extension providing gettimeofday and sleep.
      Update TODO.xgawk to show that the time extension has been added.
      Minor cleanups in extension/time.c.
      Hide private parts of IOBUF from extensions.
      Protect against race condition in test/time.awk.
      Improve lint warning message about a previously loaded shared library.
      Patch API sym_update to accept AWK_UNDEFINED for "".
      API array functions now accept any scalar value for an array subscript.
      Add sym_lookup_scalar to API for fast scalar_cookie value retrieval.
      Clean up support for AWK_SCALAR and AWK_VALUE_COOKIE.
      Minor change for more elegant shared library 
      Fix api_sym_update_scalar.
      Document the parser interface and remove some excessive readdir paranoia.
      Issue a warning if the parser take_control_of function fails.
      The readdir extension should set the error code if readdir fails.
      Fix last: must initialize errno to 0 before calling readdir.
      Extension libraries need to link with $(LIBINTL).
      Make it a fatal error to load the same file with -f and -i (or @include).
      Detect readdir test failures, and add some missing files to the distro 
      Fix API to update the node type to Node_var when setting an undefined 
      Add inplace file editing extension.
      Add tests for inplace extension.
      Fix symtab8 test to work when building outside the source tree.
      Patch readdir test to protect against failure on filesystems lacking type 
      Use gawk --version to decide whether to run MPFR tests.

Arnold D. Robbins (949):
      Initial commit, gawk 1.01 sources.
      On the way to 2.02.
      Now at 2.02.
      Now at 2.03.
      On the way to 2.10.
      Now at gawk 2.10.
      Moved to gawk 2.11.
      Move to gawk 2.11.1 as found on Walnut Creek CD-ROM.
      Moving to 2.13.2.
      Moved to 2.13.2
      Remove accidental file.
      Move to 2.13.3 (from 2.13.tar.gz - sigh).
      Move to 2.14.
      Move to 2.15.
      Move to gawk-2.15.1.
      Move to gawk-2.15.2.
      Move to gawk-2.15.3.
      Move to gawk-2.15.4.
      Move to gawk-2.15.5.
      Move to gawk-2.15.6.
      Move to gawk-3.0.0.
      Move to gawk-3.0.1.
      Move to gawk-3.0.2.
      Move to gawk-3.0.3.
      Move to gawk-3.0.4.
      Move to gawk-3.0.5.
      Move to gawk-3.0.6.
      Move to gawk-3.1.0.
      Move to gawk-3.1.1.
      Move to gawk-3.1.2.
      Move to gawk-3.1.3.
      Move to gawk-3.1.4.
      Move to gawk 3.1.5.
      Move to gawk-3.1.6.
      Move to gawk-3.1.7.
      Move to 3.1.8.
      Bring in development gawk changes.
      Commit all changes for development gawk.
      Last commit, I hope, for development gawk.
      Bring latest byte code gawk into git. Hurray!
      Remove unsupported / obsolete files. Add files for bootstrapping.
      Remove special treatment of CVS. Update POSIX.STD file.
      Minor fixes.
      Fix Doc updates.
      Fixes from John Haque.
      Minor edits.
      Add check for plugin license, make close on exec POSIX compatibile.
      Add POSIX string comparison with strcoll.
      Fix memory leaks - patch from John.
      Doc updates. Strftime fix for PC. Check ranges in REs.
      Fix making distributions.
      Remove more old code. More doc work.
      Fixes for cygwin, make new dist file for me.
      Lots of documentation changes.
      More doc fixes, rebuild translations.
      More doc fixes.
      Speed up single byte cases. See ChangeLog.
      More doc and code fixes. See ChangeLogs.
      More doc updates. Remove whiny test.
      Clean up sprintf return type. Add tests for pgawk.
      Add a test file.
      More doc udates; functions chapter.
      More doc fixes.
      Restore IPv4/IPv6. Remove raw sockets.
      Expand ranges before compiling the regexp.
      Doc fixes.
      Doc fixes.
      Add PROCINFO["strftime"] as default strftime() format.
      Document libmawk.
      Remove old code for Cray.
      Cleanup the mainline PC code, and pc/ directory.
      Minor edit in README.pc.
      Remove pc/gawkw32.def and use in pc/Makefile.
      Work on char* vs const char *.
      Doc updates.
      Doc fixes. Fix pdf target in doc/
      Commit rest of changes for adding pdf in doc.
      Update to gettext 0.18.1.
      More doc edits.
      Upgrade to Autoconf 3.68 and Bison 2.4.3. Make a dist.
      Some fixes for z/OS and also Autoconf.
      Doc fixes, add test/profile2.ok to dist.
      VMS /inet fixes. We hope.
      Minor bug fixes, lots more doc, make dist.
      strncasembscmp fix. Doc updates.
      Doc updates.
      Lots more doc updates.
      PC fixes, compiler warning cleanups, autoconf fix.
      Improve autoconf. More doc updates.
      Use xfig figures for Appendix D.
      Fix mode on new files.
      PC fiexes from Eli.
      Minor doc fix.
      Relocate include of fcntl.h.
      Fixes for OS/2.
      Add flashlight source files. Prepare new tarball.
      Fix modes.
      VMS fix. Start indexing fixes in doc.
      Filefuncs bug fix. Finish doc index.
      Add Busybox awk.
      Try to kill some warnings.
      Fix compile errors and update Makefile.tst.
      New da.po file.
      Simplify code for do_tolower, do_toupper.
      Make single byte caching more elegant.
      Clean up re.c; see ChangeLog.
      Bracket unused vars/functions as needed.
      Cygwin fixes from Corinna.
      Bug fixes and cleanup.
      PC and VMS fixes.
      More fixes.
      Add controlled array sorting in for loop. Needs documenting.
      Sync dfa to grep, import hard-locale.[ch].
      Add isarray built-in function.
      Document isarray etc.
      Fix switch debugging.
      Fix ctype calls on Cygwin.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Fix profile2 test for Windows.
      Update NEWS. Minor fix.
      Add more documentation, isarray, anagrams.
      More doc fixes.
      Doc fix.
      Bump version number for tarball release.
      Minor doc updates.
      Regex bug fix and token bug fix. See ChangeLog.
      Fix mode on test/negrange.awk.
      Updated da and nl .po files.
      VMS updates to test suite.
      Sync pc/Makefile.tst.
      Equalize messages. New es.po file.
      Some minor cleanups and new it.po file.
      More OS/2 changes.
      VMS doc fixes.
      Bug fix in io.c. New test release.
      Profile fix and test for it.
      Minor doc fixes.
      Update 4 .po files.
      Minor message fix.
      VMS snprintf fix.
      PC fixes for portability and dependencies.
      More doc fixes.
      Update fr.po and pl.po.
      VMS fixes, including ripple effect into pc and test directories.
      Bug fixes in scanning, updating variables.
      More doc changes. About done!
      Turn on odd pages in gawk.texi.
      Sync PC Makefile.tst.
      Fix line numbers in lint warnings.
      Fix pc/ChangeLog vms/ChangeLog for lintwarn test.
      PROCINFO["sorted_in"] value now matters.
      Fix spelling of function names in new functions.
      Fix test Makefiles across the board.
      Update copyright year.
      Fix for valgrind.
      Sorted-in fix and repair vms/
      Fix array sorting lint warning.
      Update copyrights.
      Sync PC Makefile.tst.
      VMS updates.
      Fixes for asort, asorti, split, patsplit.
      Add finnish translation, update version.
      Some cleanups after code review of main.c.
      Apply first set of edits to gawk.texi.
      Revise array sorting for PROCINFO["sorted_in"].
      Fix next and exit from functions.
      Add tests for next and exit to test suite.
      More documentation edits.
      Lots of documentation updates.
      Change ISATTY macro to os_isatty function.
      Fix array sorting, add test case.
      Minor edits to auxilary files.
      More improvements to array sorting.
      Removed Nextfile Function from doc.
      New Danish .po file.
      Bug fixes, see ChangeLog.
      Add new test from John Haque.
      Fix typos.
      Add new test files.
      More array sorting changes from John.
      Add 32/64 bit consistency in hashing.
      User function sorting added, documented, tested.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Patch from John, update man page.
      Update docs some more.
      Move most stuff in NEWS to NEWS.0.
      Documentation updates.
      Code cleanups in array.c and side effects in other files.
      Bug fixes from John and Pat.
      Improve saving of numeric value of index.
      Remove VAXCRTL and GFMT_WORKAROUND. Yay!
      Bug fix in io.c, minor doc update.
      Sync dfa.c with GNU grep.
      Remove need for awkprintf.h.
      Compile fix for VMS.
      Remove old po files from the dist, explain in a README.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Compile fixes for Cygwin.
      Further sync of dfa.c.
      Updated .gmo files.
      Minor addition to FUTURES.
      Fix problem with subarray of deleted array.
      Bug fixes and new test, see nastyparm.
      Revamp array sorting.
      PROCINFO sorting only if not posix. Doc updates.
      Finish edits from full read through.
      Sync dfa.c and regex.h with their upstreams.
      More array sorting fixes.
      Sync pc/Makefile.tst with mainline.
      More array sorting doc updates.
      Minor cygwin edit.
      Test suite revisions, syncing across ports.
      Finish the doc.
      Fixes for uninitialized variables.
      Update translations before release.
      Update version after tarball release.
      Day one bug fix, z/OS fix, new test.
      Tests for day one bug fixed in previous commit.
      Update tests for pc.
      Updated translations.
      Update tests and fix PIPE problem.
      Add new test for VMS.
      Fix doc.
      Fix VMS ChangeLog.
      Minor update to Checklist.
      Update UPDATE date in gawk.texi.
      Update to bison 2.5.
      Update regex; fix to io.c; update de.po, fi.po.
      Update po files etc. for tarball.
      Updated Japanese .po file.
      Documentation and compile fixes.
      Make a tarball.
      Minor igawk change, update version after tar ball.
      Compilation fix in regex.
      Bug fixes for FPAT.
      Updated po files for several languages.
      Revise pc/Makefile.tst.
      Minor addition.
      Fixes for extension code and tests.
      Allow newline after comma in range expressions.
      VMS updates, including gawk.hlp.
      Remove CRs from pc/Makefile.tst.
      Updated ja.po file.
      Straighten out owners of MS Windows ports.
      Fix FPAT / NF interaction, update test suites.
      Include updated
      Minor doc updates on bug address.
      Make 3.1.84 tar ball (released for beta!).
      Minor edits.
      Bump version after tar ball.
      Fixes in expand_range.
      Rationalize range expansion in regexps.
      Disallow gawk builtin/keyword as variable assignment.
      Update pc and vms test suites.
      Typo fix.
      Minor doc fixes.
      Check in after last commit's doc changes.
      Make regcomp.c closer to GNULIB.
      Fix a typo in the ChangeLog.
      Bug fix to FPAT and update test.
      Sync PC test suite.
      Make a tarball.
      Add Swedish translation.
      Sync dfa with GNU grep.
      Minor improvement in regcomp.c.
      Make ranges be character based all the time.
      Update NEWS.
      Put RRI into code.
      Make final gawk 4.0 beta test tar ball.
      Minor bug fixes, incl build system for pc, vms.
      Add fix for crash from grep, add test case.
      Bump version.
      Minor TODO update and vms test fix.
      Update versions and ChangeLogs, make tarball!
      Update version in README.
      Fix vms version stuff. Get the tarball really right.
      First set of minor fixes on 4.0 Stable.
      Fix gsub losing white space when working on fields.
      Bump version to 4.0.0a.
      Remove bzip2 dist.
      Mark FPAT as non standard.
      Fix inclusion of po/README. Update some translations.
      Sync dfa.c with GNU grep.
      Minor doc updates, start working through huge backlog.
      Add new test files to the git repo.
      Add two revised .po files.
      Fix gsub and getline pass by reference. Add tests.
      Additional getline fix.
      Fix sortu test.
      Revert sub/gsub behavior to that of gawk 3.x.
      Misc documentation fixes.
      Fix DJGPP problem with libsigsegv.
      Fix next test to send output to file.
      Fix for ptys for coprocesses.
      Fix problem with parallel make check.
      Fix problem with FIELDWIDTHS.
      BEGINFILE/ENDFILE code redone.
      Fix bug with FPAT.
      Fix small mistake in doc for quicksort function.
      Bug fix for gcc -fno-inline -O2.
      Fix pty coprocess on Ubuntu.
      Sync again with GNU grep.
      More updates from gnu grep in dfa.c.
      Sync with gnu grep, remove many ifdefs.
      Update two po files.
      Additional mbs fixes.
      Make no mbs support work everywhere. Sheesh.
      Minor spelling and doc fixes.
      Fix RT handling if partial terminators.
      Make gawk_mb_cur_max compile time constant if no mbs support.
      Fix unsigned-ness issue in dfa.c.
      New de.po file.
      Fixes for io noticed on PC, and also pc versions.
      Add updated po & gmo files.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Merge branch 'xgawk_load'
      Change version on 'master' branch.
      Remove some compile time warnings.
      Fix stftime.
      Fix dfa.c yet againi for z/OS.
      Another non-MBS fix in dfa.c.
      Fix beginfile2 for running outside of srcdir.
      Update Pat Rankin's visible email address.
      Remove use of AC_C_PROTOTYPE.
      More fixes to beginfile2.
      Fix 'make distcheck' to not kvetch about version.c.
      Add doc target to pc/Makefile.
      More faking of MBS support, mainly for VMS.
      Bump test version.
      Updated po files after making a test dist.
      Merge branch 'xgawk_load'
      A number of pc related fixes.
      Portability fix in test/
      Additional VMS fixes.
      Generate pc/config.h at make dist time.
      Make next test dist.
      Fix name of new pc/make-config.bat file.
      Finish fixing make distcheck.
      VMS fixes for compilation and test suite addition.
      Merge branch 'gawk_performance'
      Fix warning messages after merge with gawk_performance.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Update Makefile.tst.
      Fix for strftime negative value test.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Update VMS test suite.
      Improve config.sed.
      Move non-MBS support glop out of dfa.c.
      Bump dist version.
      Improve discussion of sorted for traversal.
      More documentation changes.
      VMS fixes, MBS related, sort of.
      Minor doc fixes in man page.
      More changes for non-MBS case.
      Add a new item.
      Bug fix in debugger - switch/case line numbers.
      Bump version for test tarball.
      Minor doc fix.
      Sync dfa.c with GNU grep.
      Documentation updates of various sorts.
      Also need this change for dfa.h for dfa.c sync.
      MBS support tweaks for DJGPP and z/OS.
      Rationalize $(CMP) calls in test/Makefile.
      Fix a problem in improving test/Makefile.
      Update doc/ too.
      Misc fixes from John.
      Revise pc/Makefile.tst.
      Update version for next test tar ball.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Further the cause of RRI in dfa.c.
      Sync pc/makefile.tst with main test makefile.
      Finish RRI changes per points from Paolo Bonzini.
      Update version.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      The grand merge: dgawk and pgawk folded into gawk.
      Fix compiler warnings on printf calls.
      Documentation updates.
      Remove ancient STREQ, STREQN macros.
      Remove profile_p.c, no longer needed.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable', minor fixes after exe merge.
      Stylistic edits.
      Sync dfa.c with grep.
      Sync dfa.c with grep on bugfix for DJGPP.
      Make 4.0.0g tarball.
      Sync pc/Makefile.tst to mainline.
      Make 4.0.0h tar ball.
      New .po files.
      More updated po files.
      Minor edits to John's changes.
      New pl.po file.
      Minor bug fix, new .gmo files.
      New danish po file.
      Sync dfa.c with GNU grep.
      DJGPP fix for dgawk (substitute version of execvp).
      Fix return code in execvp.
      General prep for release. (Copyrights, etc.)
      Update MinGW execvp, additions to Makefile and config.
      Fix warnings from gcc -Wall, GCC 4.6.2.
      Minor fixes.
      Bump version, make tarball.
      Locale fix for error message comparison.
      Additional fixes from Eli for MinGW.
      Add .gitignore to gawk-4.0-stable.
      Add test/fmtspcl.ok to .gitignore
      Make 'j' tarball for testing.
      Make MPRF tests pass too.
      Make getgroups error non-fatal. Minor doc update.
      Merge branch 'gawk_mpfr' of into gawk_mpfr
      Update pc Makefiles.
      Fix to regex_internal.c from sed list.
      Fix compile warnings on DJGPP.
      New finnish translation.
      New fi.po file.
      Sync from GLIBC.
      Next test tarball.
      Make getopt always compile, fix C89 issues.
      Minor printf bug fix + new test for it everywhere.
      Add the test files for the previous commit. Sheesh.
      Minor fix and new tarball.
      Minor getopt fix for cygwin and NEWS update.
      VMS fix for new test.
      Prep before syncing from gawk-4.0-stable.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Minor edits.
      Some minor style edits in code and doc.
      Merge branch 'xgawk' into xgawk-build
      Rebuild after merge from xgawk.
      Additional getopt fix, for DJGPP this time.
      Update copyrights where needed.
      And more copyright updates.
      Make 4.0.1 tarball.
      Sync dfa with grep. Update configure machinery.
      Move _Noreturn handlng into a separate macro.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Finish merge from stable branch, of po, gmo files.
      Edit doc. Bring awkgram.c and command.c up to date.
      Move to automake 1.11.4.
      Finish updating to automake 1.11.4. tcc now works!
      Add info on bzr to README.git.
      Change --arbitrary-precision to --bignum. Doc updates.
      New vi.po file. Added it back to LINGUAS also.
      Update ChangeLog.
      Cleanups in io.c and improve RS as regexp.
      Minor cleanups in debugger.
      Upgrade infrastructure to autoconf 2.69, automake 1.12.
      Rebuild after merge from gawk_mpfr.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable' (latest infrastructure).
      Update doc on -b.
      Sync dfa with GNU grep.
      Merge with grep - RRI now in dfa.c!
      Add some more stuff to README.git.
      Add new file, gawkapi.h.
      DJGPP --> __DJGPP__
      Work around Tandem define.
      Finish move to __DJGPP__ from DJGPP.
      Fix minor printf format warnings.
      Don't include config.h twice in replace.c.
      Rework handling of bool.
      Add test for gsub in JP-EUC-JP locale.
      Fix modes on test/jarebug* files.
      Update it.po file.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Merge branch 'xgawk'
      Merge remote branch 'origin/xgawk-build'
      Fix whitespace in gawkapi.h.
      Move to use of bool type, true, false, everywhere.
      Sync dfa.c (again) with GNU grep.
      Fix typo in it.po and rebuild
      Fix jarebug test.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Fix merge problem in pc/Makefile.
      Add more APIs and comments to gawkapi.h.
      Update build infrastructure.
      Start fleshing out new extension API.
      Minor and hopefully last fix to jarebug test.
      More work on extension API.
      More progress on extension API.
      Further ext API progress.
      Enhance jarebug for Mac OS X.
      More extension work.
      Fix Italian translation.
      Build infrastructure updated.
      Additional changes / some cleanups.
      Further API work.
      Continue refining extension API and implementation.
      Make a start at tests for extension API.
      Remove use of -export-dynamic for GCC.
      Minor edits in load_ext.
      Minor fixes for printf compile warnings.
      Changes to LINT reflect to extn API. Add API tests.
      Hook in extension at_exit functions.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Further cleanups and improvements in API.
      More API implementations and testext improvements.
      Still more API and testext.c work.
      Add some prints.
      More API implementation progress.
      Add testext to list of shared library tests.
      Get most of array flattening done.
      Fix code duplication in gawkapi.c from msg.c.
      Delete marked elements from flattened array.
      Additional debugging flags at compile time.
      Fix bug with --characters-as-bytes.
      Add new test files for characters-as-bytes fix.
      Redo it.po/
      Restore stopme() debugging function.
      API: Add set_parameter function and test.
      Further API code and test code.
      Remove extension() builtin.
      Update NEWS a bit.
      Get rwarray extension working with new API.
      Fix lint checking for extension functions.
      Make rwarray.awk read regular input.
      Add rwarray to extension tests.
      Minor improvements in doc and in ordchr.c.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Minor doc update w.r.t. mawk.
      Extend or(), and(), xor() to N arguments, N >= 2.
      API: Update set_array_element(). Adjust extensions.
      Change to readfile return value.
      API clean up and require strings to be malloced.
      Add ability to call an initialization routine.
      Add fnmatch extension.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Minor doc updates.
      Allow creation of constants from extensions.
      Simplify code in testext.c.
      Doc update and new test on getline with side effects.
      Refactoring filefuncs.c before fts changes.
      Additional test for AWK_SCALAR.
      fnmatch extension improvements.
      Minor performance improvement in sym_update_scalar.
      Add AWK_VALUE_COOKIE. And performance speedup.
      More API work.
      Update doc in header. Redo update_scalar.
      Add initial man pages for some of the extensions.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Fix doc on ranges and locales.
      Fix plug-ins on Mac OS X.
      Start refactoring iop handling. Add readdir extension.
      Upate po/
      Remove translation of errno strings from API.
      Add translation to the extensions.
      Enable gettext in extensions.
      Add set_RT to API and to readdir extension.
      Fix warning in extension/testext.c.
      Robustify extension/readdir.c.
      Documentation update.
      Add os_isreadable function for future use.
      Minor bug fix in api_set_RT.
      Fix bug in API set_RT, bug in readdir.c.
      Finish work on iop management. New readdir test.
      Merge branch 'extgawk' of ssh:// into extgawk
      Improvements in readdir.c.
      Update input_parser interface for RT.
      Update assignconst test.
      Gettext support for the extension files.
      Doc updates for extensions.
      Rework rwarray.c to use stdio, for cygwin.
      Finish reworking input parsers.
      Extension doc updates; install dgawk.1 man page.
      Fix readdir.c for cygwin.
      New test for OFS from Nelson Beebe.
      Document Eli Zaretskii's site.
      More stuff in README.git.
      Fix doc on RS = "a" case.
      Remove asserts for production build.
      Add fts() extension, support, doc, and test.
      Move struct stat into IOBUF_PUBLIC.
      Update extension man pages.
      Doc updates. Mostly about the API.
      Discuss derived files in the git repo in the doc.
      Make api versions into enum, not defines.
      Sync w/GNU grep.
      Rework material on arithmetic.
      Fix doc on ranges and locales again. Add test.
      Small update to FUTURES.
      Minor additions to TODO.xgawk.
      Fix math bug in the doc.
      Merge branch 'extgawk'
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Update infrastructure.
      Update infrastructure.
      Finish infrastructure update.
      Fix it.po.
      Add output and two-way processors to API. Update Mac config stuff.
      Add facility to get vesion info from extensions.
      Documentation updates.
      Rearrange chapters in gawk doc some.
      Fix charasbytes test for Mac OS X (10.5).
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Use config.h properly. Add AC_SYS_LARGEFILE.
      More edits to arithmetic chapter.
      Minor doc updates.
      More wonderful portability stuff in the extensions.
      Fix so will compile if no dynamic lib support.
      Improve readdir extension.
      Add api doc to repo during its development.
      Revise readdir_do_ftype() argument.
      Add some comments in extension/gawkfts.h.
      Update texinfo.tex.
      Compilation fix for fts on Mac OS X 10.7.
      Only run shlib tests on systems that support them.
      Make readdir set ERRNO more.
      z/OS changes from Dave Pitts and Arnold.
      Allow extensions read-only access to built-in vars.
      Revise testext test.
      Add undocumented-for-now PROCINFO["identifiers"].
      Fix for PPC Mac OS X.
      Update some things that are now POSIX.
      Update some things that are now POSIX.
      Minor updates to api.texi.
      First cut at SYMTAB and FUNCTAB.
      Document SYMTAB and FUNCTAB. Disable for --posix.
      Fix full name of ISO in the doc.
      Fix full name of ISO in doc.
      More SYMTAB and FUNCTAB improvements.
      Add tests for SYMTAB and FUNCTAB.
      Clean up make_str_node macro.
      Fix VPATH builds.
      Update to autoconf 1.12.4.
      Don't make dgawk.1 and pgawk.1 links.
      Update mbsupport.h for newer z/OS.
      Merge branch 'symtab'
      Doc updates.
      Cleanups in gawkapi.h and adjustments for them.
      Minor doc update in FUTURES.
      Bug fix for new symbol table implementation.
      Bug fix in testext test and fix flag values.
      Improvement to readdir test.
      Make dgawk.1 man page link.
      Upgrade to Automake 1.12.4 and dist bugfix.
      And update NEWS, too.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      API cleanups and doc additions.
      SYMTAB enhancements, bug fix. Doc additions.
      z/OS fixes.
      Minor API doc edits.
      More API doc.
      Update in FUTURES.
      Bug fix in do_stat().
      More API doc.
      More documentation work.
      Doc additions.
      New extension man page for revtwoway.
      API doc additions and related other edits.
      Remove git merge droppings in m4 directory.
      Doc updates.
      Finished basic text of API chapter!
      Add stuff to TODO.
      Fix two tests to work with make diffout.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Update to bison 2.6.4.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'.
      Add more man pages in extension/
      Doc updates.
      Some minor fixes. See ChangeLog.
      Create figures for API doc.
      Forging ahead with API documentation.
      Further API doc progress, also on figures.
      And images in gawk.texi fixed up.
      More doc edits. Finish up api.texi.
      Finally! Integrated API chapter into gawk doc.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Restore pdf files for images.
      Doc updates, fix up images.
      Add parts to gawk.texi, rearrange chapters.
      Remove temp API doc after merge into gawk.texi.
      Document local arrays.
      Rationalize @caption text.
      Add extra debug stuff in extension/
      Add null pointer checks in gawkapi.c.
      Bug fixes for SYMTAB.
      Bug fix in symtab6 test.
      Array bug fixes.
      Add symtab6.ok file.
      Update to bison 2.6.5.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable' (go to bison 2.6.5)
      Some VMS fixes.
      Update version info. Start a release cycle.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'. Bump version.
      YABF in symtab6 test.
      Adjust symtab6 test.
      Fix pc os_isreadable.
      Initial changes for VMS building.
      Bug fix.
      Restore sorted order of tests.
      VMS updates. Should now build, pass some tests.
      Minor doc edit in API chapter.
      Bug fix in readdir extension.
      Minor cleanup in calls to mpfr routines.
      First pass on Nelson's comments on API chapter.
      Simplify readdir extension.
      Add 3rd argument to stat() extension.
      Clean up of awk.h.
      Minor fixes for MingGW.
      Bring VMS test suite up to date.
      Add some notes for VMS.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      API minor fixes and doc update.
      Minor VMS fix.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Update TODO.xgawk.
      Merged various files into one TODO.
      Merge LIMATIONS into gawk.texi, fix
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Record more TODOs.
      Finish porting to current code base.
      Doc updates.
      Change fflush() behavior to match BWK and document.
      Further awk.h cleanup.
      Sync regex routines with GLIBC.
      Add awk_true and awk_false to API.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Apply realloc optimization to wide string values.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Doc updates.
      Minor fix for VMS.
      Add extension/README.fts to distribution.
      Update TODO.
      Update translations from a dist check.
      Update tables in gawk.texi.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Add minimal doc that old extension is still around.
      fflush() is now POSIX. Fix code and document.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'. fflush is now POSIX.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface. fflush() is in POSIX.
      Change BINMODE to use symbolic values.
      Fix awkforai.txt to avoid copyright issues.
      Use posix_openpt() if available.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      VMS changes.
      Allow only ASCII letters for a an extension name.
      Make bitflag checking consistent everywhere.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Update version for test tarball.
      Update doc/macros to GPLv3.
      Move to bison 2.7.
      Move to automake 1.12.6.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'. Automake and bison.
      Add a script to help with merges in po directory.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Minor doc fixes.
      Move API design decisions to appendix.
      Merge branch 'master' into array-iface
      Two new SYMTAB tests.
      Move old extension doc to end of appendix.
      Minor code and doc cleanups.
      Make a new tarball for testing.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Move some files to automake 1.12.6.
      Fix extension to be available only if DYNAMIC.
      VMS fix to use default dir on logical search list.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Fix in
      Move read_func from IOBUF into awk_input_buf_t.
      Make indirectly updated vars accessable to SYMTAB, API.
      Fix --disable-lint.
      Restore building with tcc.
      Bug fix for sprintf/printf. Minor edit in awkgram.y.
      Bug fixes from John Haque.
      Update versions before making tarball.
      Make the 4.0.2 tarballs.
      Add correct contents for test/paramuninitglobal.ok.
      Add items to Checklist.
      Add new test for pc and VMS before making tarballs.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Remove sym_constant() API and tests.
      Additional bug fix from John Haque.
      Rebuild 4.0.2 tarball.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'.
      Use output_fp for print/printf only if debugging.
      Bring gawk regex closer to GLIBC.
      Improvements in pc/ directory from Eli Z.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Undo a bad fix to regex_internal.h.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Move old extension stuff into a separate directory.
      Add Software Tools quote in lib chapter.
      Add doc on BWK awk being available from Git Hub.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Fix problems from a merge.
      More stuff TO DO.
      Set name field for io extensions.
      Update doc to current mawk.
      And another quick mawk fix.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'. Update TODO.
      Minor edits to inplace extension doc.
      Minor fix to bisonfix.awk.
      Make mpfr and, or, xor, accept >= 2 arguments.
      Fix tests to run with -M.
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
      Add man page for inplace extension. Update others.
      Update copyright dates on modified files.
      Remove debugging printf in Gentests.
      Remove an unused variable.
      Make more tests work with make diffout.
      Fix test/ to get new file for tarballs.
      Bump version for alpha tarball, copyright in main.
      Fix order of include problem in dfa.c/dfa.h.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Fix some problems from warning tools, etc.
      Fix bug with --traditional + --re-interval.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Typo fix in doc.
      Bug fix for -d with -i.
      Fix credit for report in ChangeLog.
      Improve portability.
      More portability.
      Improve code in symbol.c.
      Considerable additional portability fixes.
      More portability - find readline dependencies.
      Minor documentation improvement.
      Run MPFR tests is MPFR is available.
      Add items to checklist.
      Fix dist to include mpfr tests and fix reginttrad.
      More portability work: dirfd in extensions.
      Fix gawkdirfd.h for Mac OS X.
      Remove PROBLEMS file, it's not needed anymore.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Minor fix in NEWS.
      Move functab4 into shlib tests.
      Fix include order, mainly for VMS.
      Minor documentation improvements.
      Add API to --version output. Use it for shlib tests.
      Cross compile fix for readline checks.
      Additional changes for cross-compiling.
      Pull in some regex fixes.
      Documentation update for new makeinfo.
      Updates to NEWS.
      Remove unneeded, undocumented -m option.
      Pull in some regex fixes.
      Fix include order, mainly for VMS.
      Clean up code for sprintf checking for zero args.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Remove xmlgawk from other versions in the doc.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Minor doc fixes.
      Enable dynamic extensions for MinGW.
      Fixes to extensions for Win 32.
      Add backup version of fnmatch.c. Fix fnmatch extension.
      Add pc/dlfcn.h.
      New it.po.
      Improve bisonfix.awk. Fix errors in ChangeLog.
      Update TODO.
      Update README.cvs.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Bug fix for expression list error.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Add @load to profile/pretty printed output.
      Don't build the extensions if no API support.
      Make charasbytes test pass on MirBSD.
      Make buildable on DJGPP.
      Minor bugfix in filefuncs.c for Win 32.
      Add a nice quote to the doc.
      Merge branch 'master' into porting
      Update pc/ stuff.
      Merge branch 'master' into porting
      Fix a bug with ] as real char in regexps.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Merge branch 'master' into porting
      Minor doc updates.
      Merge branch 'gawk-4.0-stable'
      Merge branch 'master' into porting
      Expand details in NEWS.
      Merge branch 'master' into porting
      Additional fixes for MirBSD. Now passes make check.
      Further portability fixes in extensions, tests.
      Add check and message for Linux and NFS for readdir.
      More portability: mostly for SGI IRIX.
      Bump version, make test tarball.
      Make sure that 'make check' builds in extension.
      Fix a typo in NEWS.
      Code rearrangement to avoid a warning.
      New nl.po file.
      Bug fix in profiling output.
      Start a cleanup pass on the manual.
      Two updated translation files.
      Continuing doc cleanup.
      Continuing the doc cleanup.
      Continuing doc cleanup.
      And more cleanup.
      Minor addition to Checklist file.
      Bug fix in awkgram.y:check_funcs.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Minor doc update.
      More doc fixes.
      Continuing doc cleanup.
      Largely done with doc cleanup.
      Move to latest texinfo.tex.
      Regenerate awkgram.c with latest bison.
      Sync dfa with GNU grep.
      Update TODO.
      Sync gettext.h with gettext
      Prettify lists of tests updating in
      Modernize random.h some.
      Rebuild command.c also.
      Update copyrights in all relevant source files.
      Update to automake 1.13.1.
      Edits and updates in NEWS.
      Update getopt from glibc.
      Update various README_d/* files.
      Add support for sidebars in the doc.
      Minor fix for doc for building out of source dir.
      Fix extensions to link with LTLIBINTL.
      Configuration fix for Cygwin.
      Bump version and release beta tarball.
      Add Malay translation.
      Typo fix.
      Update infrastructure tools list.
      Update Italian translation.
      Update copyright in extension/
      z/OS portability fix in extension/
      Fix 'next' test to be locale-independent.
      Update Swedish and Malay translations.
      Clean up ref card before release.
      Add missing blank line in vms/ChangeLog.
      Update 'missing' script.
      Further documentation updates.
      Update release checklist some.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Update extension/build-aux/missing.
      More doc updates.
      Add PROCINFO entries for API major and minor versions.
      Typo fix in comment in io.c.
      Just about done with doc cleanup.
      Update fr and vi .po files.
      Update nl translation.
      Doc cleanup in MPFR and API chapters.
      Just about final cleanup of the doc.
      Rename doc/gawkman.texi to doc/
      Add a reference to a book on Computer Math.
      Bump version for next tarball.
      Minor fix in
      Sync pc/Makefile.tst with mainline.
      Update TODO.
      Fix symtab9 test so it will work on Windows too.
      Another addition to TODO.
      Update for next test tarball.
      Update Polish translation.
      Minor edits in NEWS.
      Update pc/Makefile.tst.
      Make /regex/ a 2nd arg to index() a fatal error.
      More doc cleanups.
      Gawk 4.1.0 release.

Eli Zaretskii (6):
      Fix pc testsuite Makefile, pc/Makefile.tst.
      Fix several tests on MinGW which were broken by a HACK in io.c.
      Fix the pc/ test suite.
      More fixes for pc/Makefile.tst.
      Fix MPFR build on pc platforms.
      Fix the problem with MPFR build on Windows.

Juergen Kahrs (8):
      Created .gitignore so that the status command produces useful output.
      Added some pointers to Savannah's GIT repository.
      Added all my local notes about GIT handling.
      How to merge master patches into feature branch. Ignored some more 
generated files.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into xgawk
      Merge branch 'xgawk' of ssh:// into xgawk
      Added some details on branch tracking and undoing as suggested by Aharon.
      Merge branch 'xgawk' of ssh:// into xgawk

john haque (30):
      Speed/memory performance improvements.
      Add a test file, cleanup code and update doc.
      Optimization for compound assignment, increment and decrement operators.
      Optimize tail-recursive calls.
      Add GPL notice in symbol.c.
      Added timeout for reading from input.
      Read timeout documentation and bug fix.
      Add infrastructure for MPFR/GMP support.
      New interpreter routine for MPFR.
      Finish builtins for MPFR.
      Finish MPFR changes and clean up code.
      Bug fixes and tests for MPFR.
      Add arbitrary-precision arithmetic on integers.
      Documentation updates for arbitrary precision math support.
      MPFR related documentation updates and code cleanups.
      Update README.mpfr for Windows binary sources.
      Placate gcc -Wall, minor doc updates.
      Remove an unneeded define, more fixes for gcc -Wall.
      Change RNDMODE to ROUNDMODE and update doc.
      Add README_d/README.hacking.
      Change MPFR variable RND_MODE to ROUND_MODE.
      MPFR fixes from Eli.
      Merge branch 'master' into gawk_mpfr.
      Use unref when freeing a null array element.
      Polish array handling code.
      Improve array interface.
      Add optional shutdown routine for an extension lib.
      New array extension.
      Fix memory corruption in copying an array, add another array extension.
      Add extension example to read/write files with fixed-length records.



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