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[gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, master, updated. 4e77e3fe3394482ad26b156

From: Arnold Robbins
Subject: [gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, master, updated. 4e77e3fe3394482ad26b1561fc45a38ca820bf56
Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2013 04:08:35 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "gawk".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  4e77e3fe3394482ad26b1561fc45a38ca820bf56 (commit)
       via  e3ac14432c838d34d508655c52c0cc0cf58771eb (commit)
       via  541a8e1f1f205d8bfc52df5937f68aec4e9410e9 (commit)
      from  e8cbbd49aa49195de2cff403cf0e6b4da0971717 (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 4e77e3fe3394482ad26b1561fc45a38ca820bf56
Author: Arnold D. Robbins <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Feb 6 06:08:09 2013 +0200

    Remove unneeded, undocumented -m option.

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index 3fc90f0..a1f59da 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2013-02-06         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
+       * main.c (main): Remove undocumented -m option which was for
+       compatibility with BWK awk. His awk dropped it back in 2007.
 2013-02-04         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
        * regcomp.c, regex.c, regex_internal.c, regexec.c: Update
diff --git a/doc/ChangeLog b/doc/ChangeLog
index 5e82cf9..0e0f912 100644
--- a/doc/ChangeLog
+++ b/doc/ChangeLog
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
        * gawk.texi: For Info output, don't use @center on text images
        since the new makeinfo doesn't yet center the file as a block.
        Thanks to Karl Berry for the diagnostic.
+       * gawk.1: Remove commented out doc for -m option which was for
+       compatibility with BWK awk. His awk dropped it back in 2007.
 2013-01-31         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
diff --git a/doc/gawk.1 b/doc/gawk.1
index 8bc14bf..90288db 100644
--- a/doc/gawk.1
+++ b/doc/gawk.1
@@ -159,33 +159,6 @@ before execution of the program begins.
 Such variable values are available to the
 block of an \*(AK program.
-.PD 0
-.BI \-mf " NNN"
-.BI \-mr " NNN"
-Set various memory limits to the value
-.IR NNN .
-.B f
-flag sets the maximum number of fields, and the
-.B r
-flag sets the maximum record size.  These two flags and the
-.B \-m
-option are from an earlier version of the Bell Laboratories
-research version of \*(UX
-.IR awk .
-They are ignored by
-.IR gawk ,
-.I gawk
-has no pre-defined limits.
-(Current versions of the Bell Laboratories
-.I awk
-no longer accept them.)
 .PD 0
 .B \-b
diff --git a/main.c b/main.c
index c3adc9f..785935e 100644
--- a/main.c
+++ b/main.c
@@ -201,7 +201,7 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
         * The + on the front tells GNU getopt not to rearrange argv.
-       const char *optlist = 
+       const char *optlist = "+F:f:v:W;bcCd::D::e:E:gh:i:l:L:nNo::Op::MPrStVY";
        bool stopped_early = false;
        int old_optind;
        int i;
@@ -348,20 +348,6 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
                        add_preassign(PRE_ASSIGN, optarg);
-               case 'm':
-                       /*
-                        * BWK awk extension.
-                        *      -mf nnn         set # fields, gawk ignores
-                        *      -mr nnn         set record length, ditto
-                        *
-                        * As of at least 10/2007, BWK awk also ignores it.
-                        */
-                       if (do_lint)
-                               lintwarn(_("`-m[fr]' option irrelevant in 
-                       if (optarg[0] != 'r' && optarg[0] != 'f')
-                               warning(_("-m option usage: `-m[fr] nnn'"));
-                       break;
                case 'b':
                        do_binary = true;

commit e3ac14432c838d34d508655c52c0cc0cf58771eb
Author: Arnold D. Robbins <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Feb 6 06:04:24 2013 +0200

    Updates to NEWS.

diff --git a/NEWS b/NEWS
index 1741259..b52f54d 100644
--- a/NEWS
+++ b/NEWS
@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ Changes from 4.0.2 to 4.1
 8. New arrays: SYMTAB, FUNCTAB, and PROCINFO["identifiers"]. See the manual.
+9. Support for building gawk with a cross compiler has been improved.
 Changes from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2

commit 541a8e1f1f205d8bfc52df5937f68aec4e9410e9
Author: Arnold D. Robbins <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Feb 6 06:02:49 2013 +0200

    Documentation update for new makeinfo.

diff --git a/doc/ChangeLog b/doc/ChangeLog
index 8abc1fb..5e82cf9 100644
--- a/doc/ChangeLog
+++ b/doc/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@
+2013-02-06         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
+       * gawk.texi: For Info output, don't use @center on text images
+       since the new makeinfo doesn't yet center the file as a block.
+       Thanks to Karl Berry for the diagnostic.
 2013-01-31         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
        * api-figure2.txt, api-figure3.txt: Convert tabs to spaces.
diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
index 1650601..e74d2e8 100644
--- a/doc/
+++ b/doc/
@@ -21484,6 +21484,7 @@ fields are function pointers.  This is shown in *note 
     gawk Main Program Address Space              Extension
 Figure 16.1: Loading The Extension
    The extension can call functions inside `gawk' through these
@@ -21504,6 +21505,7 @@ load-new-function::.
     gawk Main Program Address Space              Extension
 Figure 16.2: Loading The New Function
    In the other direction, the extension registers its new functions
@@ -21525,6 +21527,7 @@ calling convention.  This is shown in *note 
     gawk Main Program Address Space              Extension
 Figure 16.3: Calling The New Function
    The `do_XXX()' function, in turn, then uses the function pointers in
@@ -27156,6 +27159,7 @@ data and produce results. See *note 
 +------+         /       \         +---------+
 | Data | -----> < Program > -----> | Results |
 +------+         \_______/         +---------+
 Figure D.1: General Program Flow
    The "program" in the figure can be either a compiled program(1)
@@ -27177,6 +27181,7 @@ basic set of steps, as shown in *note 
                       |     +---------+
                       +-----+ Process |
 Figure D.2: Basic Program Steps
@@ -29468,7 +29473,7 @@ Index
 * Aho, Alfred:                           History.             (line  17)
 * alarm clock example program:           Alarm Program.       (line   9)
 * alarm.awk program:                     Alarm Program.       (line  29)
-* algorithms:                            Basic High Level.    (line  68)
+* algorithms:                            Basic High Level.    (line  70)
 * Alpha (DEC):                           Manual History.      (line  28)
 * amazing awk assembler (aaa):           Glossary.            (line  12)
 * amazingly workable formatter (awf):    Glossary.            (line  25)
@@ -29873,7 +29878,7 @@ Index
                                                               (line  60)
 * compatibility mode (gawk), specifying: Options.             (line  95)
 * compiled programs <1>:                 Glossary.            (line 165)
-* compiled programs:                     Basic High Level.    (line  15)
+* compiled programs:                     Basic High Level.    (line  16)
 * compiling gawk for Cygwin:             Cygwin.              (line   6)
 * compiling gawk for MS-DOS and MS-Windows: PC Compiling.     (line  13)
 * compiling gawk for VMS:                VMS Compilation.     (line   6)
@@ -29973,7 +29978,7 @@ Index
 * dark corner, strings, storing:         Records.             (line 196)
 * dark corner, value of ARGV[0]:         Auto-set.            (line  35)
 * data, fixed-width:                     Constant Size.       (line   9)
-* data-driven languages:                 Basic High Level.    (line  85)
+* data-driven languages:                 Basic High Level.    (line  87)
 * database, group, reading:              Group Functions.     (line   6)
 * database, users, reading:              Passwd Functions.    (line   6)
 * date utility, GNU:                     Time Functions.      (line  17)
@@ -30345,7 +30350,7 @@ Index
 * field separators, regular expressions as: Field Separators. (line  50)
 * field separators, See Also OFS:        Changing Fields.     (line  64)
 * field separators, spaces as:           Cut Program.         (line 109)
-* fields <1>:                            Basic High Level.    (line  73)
+* fields <1>:                            Basic High Level.    (line  75)
 * fields <2>:                            Fields.              (line   6)
 * fields:                                Reading Files.       (line  14)
 * fields, adding:                        Changing Fields.     (line  53)
@@ -30801,7 +30806,7 @@ Index
                                                               (line   6)
 * internationalizing a program:          Explaining gettext.  (line   6)
 * interpreted programs <1>:              Glossary.            (line 365)
-* interpreted programs:                  Basic High Level.    (line  15)
+* interpreted programs:                  Basic High Level.    (line  16)
 * interval expressions:                  Regexp Operators.    (line 116)
 * inventory-shipped file:                Sample Data Files.   (line  32)
 * isarray() function (gawk):             Type Functions.      (line  11)
@@ -30836,7 +30841,7 @@ Index
 * l debugger command (alias for list):   Miscellaneous Debugger Commands.
                                                               (line  74)
 * labels.awk program:                    Labels Program.      (line  51)
-* languages, data-driven:                Basic High Level.    (line  85)
+* languages, data-driven:                Basic High Level.    (line  87)
 * Laurie, Dirk:                          Changing Precision.  (line   6)
 * LC_ALL locale category:                Explaining gettext.  (line 120)
 * LC_COLLATE locale category:            Explaining gettext.  (line  93)
@@ -31323,7 +31328,7 @@ Index
 * programming languages, data-driven vs. procedural: Getting Started.
                                                               (line  12)
 * Programming languages, Java:           Glossary.            (line 388)
-* programming, basic steps:              Basic High Level.    (line  20)
+* programming, basic steps:              Basic High Level.    (line  21)
 * programming, concepts:                 Basic Concepts.      (line   6)
 * pwcat program:                         Passwd Functions.    (line  23)
 * q debugger command (alias for quit):   Miscellaneous Debugger Commands.
@@ -31365,7 +31370,7 @@ Index
 * record separators, changing:           Records.             (line  81)
 * record separators, regular expressions as: Records.         (line 117)
 * record separators, with multiline records: Multiple Line.   (line  10)
-* records <1>:                           Basic High Level.    (line  73)
+* records <1>:                           Basic High Level.    (line  75)
 * records:                               Reading Files.       (line  14)
 * records, multiline:                    Multiple Line.       (line   6)
 * records, printing:                     Print.               (line  22)
@@ -32303,130 +32308,130 @@ Node: Extension Intro864826
 Node: Plugin License866034
 Node: Extension Mechanism Outline866719
 Ref: load-extension867136
-Ref: load-new-function868614
-Ref: call-new-function869609
-Node: Extension API Description871617
-Node: Extension API Functions Introduction872956
-Node: General Data Types877734
-Ref: General Data Types-Footnote-1883336
-Node: Requesting Values883635
-Ref: table-value-types-returned884366
-Node: Constructor Functions885320
-Node: Registration Functions888316
-Node: Extension Functions889001
-Node: Exit Callback Functions891175
-Node: Extension Version String892418
-Node: Input Parsers893068
-Node: Output Wrappers902785
-Node: Two-way processors907201
-Node: Printing Messages909331
-Ref: Printing Messages-Footnote-1910408
-Node: Updating `ERRNO'910560
-Node: Accessing Parameters911299
-Node: Symbol Table Access912529
-Node: Symbol table by name913041
-Node: Symbol table by cookie914614
-Ref: Symbol table by cookie-Footnote-1918743
-Node: Cached values918806
-Ref: Cached values-Footnote-1922249
-Node: Array Manipulation922340
-Ref: Array Manipulation-Footnote-1923438
-Node: Array Data Types923477
-Ref: Array Data Types-Footnote-1926180
-Node: Array Functions926272
-Node: Flattening Arrays930038
-Node: Creating Arrays936877
-Node: Extension API Variables941672
-Node: Extension Versioning942308
-Node: Extension API Informational Variables944209
-Node: Extension API Boilerplate945295
-Node: Finding Extensions949126
-Node: Extension Example949673
-Node: Internal File Description950411
-Node: Internal File Ops954099
-Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1965546
-Node: Using Internal File Ops965686
-Ref: Using Internal File Ops-Footnote-1968039
-Node: Extension Samples968305
-Node: Extension Sample File Functions969829
-Node: Extension Sample Fnmatch978302
-Node: Extension Sample Fork980028
-Node: Extension Sample Inplace981246
-Node: Extension Sample Ord983038
-Node: Extension Sample Readdir983817
-Node: Extension Sample Revout985321
-Node: Extension Sample Rev2way985914
-Node: Extension Sample Read write array986604
-Node: Extension Sample Readfile988487
-Node: Extension Sample API Tests989244
-Node: Extension Sample Time989769
-Node: gawkextlib991076
-Node: Language History993457
-Node: V7/SVR3.1994979
-Node: SVR4997300
-Node: POSIX998742
-Node: BTL999750
-Node: POSIX/GNU1000555
-Node: Common Extensions1006090
-Node: Ranges and Locales1007197
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-11011815
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-21011842
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-31012102
-Node: Contributors1012323
-Node: Installation1016619
-Node: Gawk Distribution1017513
-Node: Getting1017997
-Node: Extracting1018823
-Node: Distribution contents1020515
-Node: Unix Installation1025776
-Node: Quick Installation1026393
-Node: Additional Configuration Options1028355
-Node: Configuration Philosophy1029832
-Node: Non-Unix Installation1032174
-Node: PC Installation1032632
-Node: PC Binary Installation1033931
-Node: PC Compiling1035779
-Node: PC Testing1038723
-Node: PC Using1039899
-Node: Cygwin1044084
-Node: MSYS1045084
-Node: VMS Installation1045598
-Node: VMS Compilation1046201
-Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-11047208
-Node: VMS Installation Details1047266
-Node: VMS Running1048901
-Node: VMS Old Gawk1050508
-Node: Bugs1050982
-Node: Other Versions1054834
-Node: Notes1060490
-Node: Compatibility Mode1061290
-Node: Additions1062073
-Node: Accessing The Source1063000
-Node: Adding Code1064603
-Node: New Ports1070645
-Node: Derived Files1074780
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-11080101
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-21080135
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-31080735
-Node: Future Extensions1080833
-Node: Implementation Limitations1081414
-Node: Extension Design1082666
-Node: Old Extension Problems1083815
-Ref: Old Extension Problems-Footnote-11085323
-Node: Extension New Mechanism Goals1085380
-Ref: Extension New Mechanism Goals-Footnote-11088739
-Node: Extension Other Design Decisions1088925
-Node: Extension Future Growth1091031
-Node: Old Extension Mechansim1091852
-Node: Basic Concepts1093609
-Node: Basic High Level1094290
-Ref: figure-general-flow1094561
-Ref: figure-process-flow1095160
-Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-11098389
-Node: Basic Data Typing1098574
-Node: Glossary1101929
-Node: Copying1127240
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License1164797
-Node: Index1189934
+Ref: load-new-function868615
+Ref: call-new-function869611
+Node: Extension API Description871620
+Node: Extension API Functions Introduction872959
+Node: General Data Types877737
+Ref: General Data Types-Footnote-1883339
+Node: Requesting Values883638
+Ref: table-value-types-returned884369
+Node: Constructor Functions885323
+Node: Registration Functions888319
+Node: Extension Functions889004
+Node: Exit Callback Functions891178
+Node: Extension Version String892421
+Node: Input Parsers893071
+Node: Output Wrappers902788
+Node: Two-way processors907204
+Node: Printing Messages909334
+Ref: Printing Messages-Footnote-1910411
+Node: Updating `ERRNO'910563
+Node: Accessing Parameters911302
+Node: Symbol Table Access912532
+Node: Symbol table by name913044
+Node: Symbol table by cookie914617
+Ref: Symbol table by cookie-Footnote-1918746
+Node: Cached values918809
+Ref: Cached values-Footnote-1922252
+Node: Array Manipulation922343
+Ref: Array Manipulation-Footnote-1923441
+Node: Array Data Types923480
+Ref: Array Data Types-Footnote-1926183
+Node: Array Functions926275
+Node: Flattening Arrays930041
+Node: Creating Arrays936880
+Node: Extension API Variables941675
+Node: Extension Versioning942311
+Node: Extension API Informational Variables944212
+Node: Extension API Boilerplate945298
+Node: Finding Extensions949129
+Node: Extension Example949676
+Node: Internal File Description950414
+Node: Internal File Ops954102
+Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1965549
+Node: Using Internal File Ops965689
+Ref: Using Internal File Ops-Footnote-1968042
+Node: Extension Samples968308
+Node: Extension Sample File Functions969832
+Node: Extension Sample Fnmatch978305
+Node: Extension Sample Fork980031
+Node: Extension Sample Inplace981249
+Node: Extension Sample Ord983041
+Node: Extension Sample Readdir983820
+Node: Extension Sample Revout985324
+Node: Extension Sample Rev2way985917
+Node: Extension Sample Read write array986607
+Node: Extension Sample Readfile988490
+Node: Extension Sample API Tests989247
+Node: Extension Sample Time989772
+Node: gawkextlib991079
+Node: Language History993460
+Node: V7/SVR3.1994982
+Node: SVR4997303
+Node: POSIX998745
+Node: BTL999753
+Node: POSIX/GNU1000558
+Node: Common Extensions1006093
+Node: Ranges and Locales1007200
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-11011818
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-21011845
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-31012105
+Node: Contributors1012326
+Node: Installation1016622
+Node: Gawk Distribution1017516
+Node: Getting1018000
+Node: Extracting1018826
+Node: Distribution contents1020518
+Node: Unix Installation1025779
+Node: Quick Installation1026396
+Node: Additional Configuration Options1028358
+Node: Configuration Philosophy1029835
+Node: Non-Unix Installation1032177
+Node: PC Installation1032635
+Node: PC Binary Installation1033934
+Node: PC Compiling1035782
+Node: PC Testing1038726
+Node: PC Using1039902
+Node: Cygwin1044087
+Node: MSYS1045087
+Node: VMS Installation1045601
+Node: VMS Compilation1046204
+Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-11047211
+Node: VMS Installation Details1047269
+Node: VMS Running1048904
+Node: VMS Old Gawk1050511
+Node: Bugs1050985
+Node: Other Versions1054837
+Node: Notes1060493
+Node: Compatibility Mode1061293
+Node: Additions1062076
+Node: Accessing The Source1063003
+Node: Adding Code1064606
+Node: New Ports1070648
+Node: Derived Files1074783
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-11080104
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-21080138
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-31080738
+Node: Future Extensions1080836
+Node: Implementation Limitations1081417
+Node: Extension Design1082669
+Node: Old Extension Problems1083818
+Ref: Old Extension Problems-Footnote-11085326
+Node: Extension New Mechanism Goals1085383
+Ref: Extension New Mechanism Goals-Footnote-11088742
+Node: Extension Other Design Decisions1088928
+Node: Extension Future Growth1091034
+Node: Old Extension Mechansim1091855
+Node: Basic Concepts1093612
+Node: Basic High Level1094293
+Ref: figure-general-flow1094564
+Ref: figure-process-flow1095164
+Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-11098394
+Node: Basic Data Typing1098579
+Node: Glossary1101934
+Node: Copying1127245
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License1164802
+Node: Index1189939
 End Tag Table
diff --git a/doc/gawk.texi b/doc/gawk.texi
index ee3977b..e9969b5 100644
--- a/doc/gawk.texi
+++ b/doc/gawk.texi
@@ -28354,8 +28354,11 @@ This is shown in @ref{load-extension}.
 @float Figure,load-extension
 @caption{Loading The Extension}
address@hidden FIXME: One day, makeinfo should correctly center the text file
address@hidden as a block. At that time it should be enough to use the line
address@hidden in the ifnotinfo block.  This applies to the other figures as 
address@hidden @image{api-figure1, , , Loading the extension, txt}
address@hidden, , , Loading the extension, txt}
 @end ifinfo
 @center @image{api-figure1, , , Loading the extension}
@@ -28371,7 +28374,7 @@ This is shown in @ref{load-new-function}.
 @float Figure,load-new-function
 @caption{Loading The New Function}
address@hidden @image{api-figure2, , , Loading the new function, txt}
address@hidden, , , Loading the new function, txt}
 @end ifinfo
 @center @image{api-figure2, , , Loading the new function}
@@ -28388,7 +28391,7 @@ This is shown in @ref{call-new-function}.
 @float Figure,call-new-function
 @caption{Calling The New Function}
address@hidden @image{api-figure3, , , Calling the new function, txt}
address@hidden, , , Calling the new function, txt}
 @end ifinfo
 @center @image{api-figure3, , , Calling the new function}
@@ -35117,7 +35120,7 @@ some input data and produce results. See 
 @float Figure,figure-general-flow
 @caption{General Program Flow}
address@hidden @image{general-program, , , General program flow, txt}
address@hidden, , , General program flow, txt}
 @end ifinfo
 @center @image{general-program, , , General program flow}
@@ -35144,7 +35147,7 @@ in @ref{figure-process-flow}:
 @float Figure,figure-process-flow
 @caption{Basic Program Steps}
address@hidden @image{process-flow, , , Basic Program Stages, txt}
address@hidden, , , Basic Program Stages, txt}
 @end ifinfo
 @center @image{process-flow, , , Basic Program Stages}


Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog     |    5 +
 NEWS          |    2 +
 doc/ChangeLog |    8 ++
 doc/gawk.1    |   27 ------
 doc/ |  271 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 doc/gawk.texi |   13 ++-
 main.c        |   16 +---
 7 files changed, 162 insertions(+), 180 deletions(-)


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