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[gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, master, updated. 9deed84c9490e3fcd7ee449

From: Arnold Robbins
Subject: [gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, master, updated. 9deed84c9490e3fcd7ee449990f342d921f9403f
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2012 18:25:25 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "gawk".

The branch, master has been updated
       via  9deed84c9490e3fcd7ee449990f342d921f9403f (commit)
      from  df1abb8c0d0b5855af8bb78ecf87f3511807905d (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 9deed84c9490e3fcd7ee449990f342d921f9403f
Author: Arnold D. Robbins <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Nov 14 20:25:06 2012 +0200

    Minor doc edit in API chapter.

diff --git a/doc/ChangeLog b/doc/ChangeLog
index cee8a27..e660758 100644
--- a/doc/ChangeLog
+++ b/doc/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2012-11-14         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
+       * gawk.texi: Minor edits in API chapter.
+       Thanks to Andrew Schorr.
 2012-11-06         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
        * gawk.texi: Rearrange chapter order and separate into parts
diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
index 0e96258..6bd26e9 100644
--- a/doc/
+++ b/doc/
@@ -21354,11 +21354,13 @@ It is possible to add new built-in functions to 
`gawk' using
 dynamically loaded libraries. This facility is available on systems
 (such as GNU/Linux) that support the C `dlopen()' and `dlsym()'
 functions.  This major node describes how to create extensions using
-code written in C or C++.  If you don't know anything about C
-programming, you can safely skip this major node, although you may wish
-to review the documentation on the extensions that come with `gawk'
-(*note Extension Samples::), and the section on the `gawkextlib'
-project (*note gawkextlib::).
+code written in C or C++.
+   If you don't know anything about C programming, you can safely skip
+this major node, although you may wish to review the documentation on
+the extensions that come with `gawk' (*note Extension Samples::), and
+the minor node on the `gawkextlib' project (*note gawkextlib::).  The
+sample extensions are automatically built and installed when `gawk' is.
      NOTE: When `--sandbox' is specified, extensions are disabled
      (*note Options::).
@@ -24728,7 +24730,7 @@ project.
    * XML parser extension, using the Expat
      ( XML parsing library.
-   * Postgres SQL extension.
+   * PostgreSQL extension.
    * GD graphics library extension.
@@ -32105,132 +32107,132 @@ Node: Exact Arithmetic855493
 Node: Arbitrary Precision Integers858601
 Ref: Arbitrary Precision Integers-Footnote-1861601
 Node: Dynamic Extensions861748
-Node: Extension Intro863071
-Node: Plugin License864274
-Node: Extension Design864948
-Node: Old Extension Problems866019
-Ref: Old Extension Problems-Footnote-1867529
-Node: Extension New Mechanism Goals867586
-Ref: Extension New Mechanism Goals-Footnote-1870298
-Node: Extension Other Design Decisions870484
-Node: Extension Mechanism Outline872231
-Ref: load-extension873256
-Ref: load-new-function874734
-Ref: call-new-function875715
-Node: Extension Future Growth877696
-Node: Extension API Description878438
-Node: Extension API Functions Introduction879766
-Node: General Data Types883841
-Ref: General Data Types-Footnote-1889474
-Node: Requesting Values889773
-Ref: table-value-types-returned890504
-Node: Constructor Functions891458
-Node: Registration Functions894454
-Node: Extension Functions895139
-Node: Exit Callback Functions896958
-Node: Extension Version String898201
-Node: Input Parsers898851
-Node: Output Wrappers907432
-Node: Two-way processors911825
-Node: Printing Messages913947
-Ref: Printing Messages-Footnote-1915024
-Node: Updating `ERRNO'915176
-Node: Accessing Parameters915915
-Node: Symbol Table Access917145
-Node: Symbol table by name917657
-Ref: Symbol table by name-Footnote-1919829
-Node: Symbol table by cookie919909
-Ref: Symbol table by cookie-Footnote-1924038
-Node: Cached values924101
-Ref: Cached values-Footnote-1927302
-Node: Array Manipulation927393
-Ref: Array Manipulation-Footnote-1928491
-Node: Array Data Types928530
-Ref: Array Data Types-Footnote-1931252
-Node: Array Functions931344
-Node: Flattening Arrays935110
-Node: Creating Arrays941941
-Node: Extension API Variables946737
-Node: Extension Versioning947373
-Node: Extension API Informational Variables949274
-Node: Extension API Boilerplate950360
-Node: Finding Extensions954194
-Node: Extension Example954741
-Node: Internal File Description955479
-Node: Internal File Ops959167
-Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1970251
-Node: Using Internal File Ops970391
-Ref: Using Internal File Ops-Footnote-1972747
-Node: Extension Samples973013
-Node: Extension Sample File Functions974456
-Node: Extension Sample Fnmatch982825
-Node: Extension Sample Fork984551
-Node: Extension Sample Ord985765
-Node: Extension Sample Readdir986541
-Node: Extension Sample Revout988879
-Node: Extension Sample Rev2way989472
-Node: Extension Sample Read write array990162
-Node: Extension Sample Readfile992045
-Node: Extension Sample API Tests992800
-Node: Extension Sample Time993325
-Node: gawkextlib994634
-Node: Language History997017
-Node: V7/SVR3.1998539
-Node: SVR41000860
-Node: POSIX1002302
-Node: BTL1003310
-Node: POSIX/GNU1004044
-Node: Common Extensions1009579
-Node: Ranges and Locales1010686
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-11015304
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-21015331
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-31015591
-Node: Contributors1015812
-Node: Installation1020108
-Node: Gawk Distribution1021002
-Node: Getting1021486
-Node: Extracting1022312
-Node: Distribution contents1024004
-Node: Unix Installation1029226
-Node: Quick Installation1029843
-Node: Additional Configuration Options1031805
-Node: Configuration Philosophy1033282
-Node: Non-Unix Installation1035624
-Node: PC Installation1036082
-Node: PC Binary Installation1037381
-Node: PC Compiling1039229
-Node: PC Testing1042173
-Node: PC Using1043349
-Node: Cygwin1047534
-Node: MSYS1048534
-Node: VMS Installation1049048
-Node: VMS Compilation1049651
-Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-11050658
-Node: VMS Installation Details1050716
-Node: VMS Running1052351
-Node: VMS Old Gawk1053958
-Node: Bugs1054432
-Node: Other Versions1058284
-Node: Notes1063599
-Node: Compatibility Mode1064186
-Node: Additions1064969
-Node: Accessing The Source1065896
-Node: Adding Code1067322
-Node: New Ports1073364
-Node: Derived Files1077499
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-11082807
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-21082841
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-31083441
-Node: Future Extensions1083539
-Node: Basic Concepts1085026
-Node: Basic High Level1085707
-Ref: figure-general-flow1085978
-Ref: figure-process-flow1086577
-Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-11089806
-Node: Basic Data Typing1089991
-Node: Glossary1093346
-Node: Copying1118657
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License1156214
-Node: Index1181351
+Node: Extension Intro863154
+Node: Plugin License864357
+Node: Extension Design865031
+Node: Old Extension Problems866102
+Ref: Old Extension Problems-Footnote-1867612
+Node: Extension New Mechanism Goals867669
+Ref: Extension New Mechanism Goals-Footnote-1870381
+Node: Extension Other Design Decisions870567
+Node: Extension Mechanism Outline872314
+Ref: load-extension873339
+Ref: load-new-function874817
+Ref: call-new-function875798
+Node: Extension Future Growth877779
+Node: Extension API Description878521
+Node: Extension API Functions Introduction879849
+Node: General Data Types883924
+Ref: General Data Types-Footnote-1889557
+Node: Requesting Values889856
+Ref: table-value-types-returned890587
+Node: Constructor Functions891541
+Node: Registration Functions894537
+Node: Extension Functions895222
+Node: Exit Callback Functions897041
+Node: Extension Version String898284
+Node: Input Parsers898934
+Node: Output Wrappers907515
+Node: Two-way processors911908
+Node: Printing Messages914030
+Ref: Printing Messages-Footnote-1915107
+Node: Updating `ERRNO'915259
+Node: Accessing Parameters915998
+Node: Symbol Table Access917228
+Node: Symbol table by name917740
+Ref: Symbol table by name-Footnote-1919912
+Node: Symbol table by cookie919992
+Ref: Symbol table by cookie-Footnote-1924121
+Node: Cached values924184
+Ref: Cached values-Footnote-1927385
+Node: Array Manipulation927476
+Ref: Array Manipulation-Footnote-1928574
+Node: Array Data Types928613
+Ref: Array Data Types-Footnote-1931335
+Node: Array Functions931427
+Node: Flattening Arrays935193
+Node: Creating Arrays942024
+Node: Extension API Variables946820
+Node: Extension Versioning947456
+Node: Extension API Informational Variables949357
+Node: Extension API Boilerplate950443
+Node: Finding Extensions954277
+Node: Extension Example954824
+Node: Internal File Description955562
+Node: Internal File Ops959250
+Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1970334
+Node: Using Internal File Ops970474
+Ref: Using Internal File Ops-Footnote-1972830
+Node: Extension Samples973096
+Node: Extension Sample File Functions974539
+Node: Extension Sample Fnmatch982908
+Node: Extension Sample Fork984634
+Node: Extension Sample Ord985848
+Node: Extension Sample Readdir986624
+Node: Extension Sample Revout988962
+Node: Extension Sample Rev2way989555
+Node: Extension Sample Read write array990245
+Node: Extension Sample Readfile992128
+Node: Extension Sample API Tests992883
+Node: Extension Sample Time993408
+Node: gawkextlib994717
+Node: Language History997098
+Node: V7/SVR3.1998620
+Node: SVR41000941
+Node: POSIX1002383
+Node: BTL1003391
+Node: POSIX/GNU1004125
+Node: Common Extensions1009660
+Node: Ranges and Locales1010767
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-11015385
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-21015412
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-31015672
+Node: Contributors1015893
+Node: Installation1020189
+Node: Gawk Distribution1021083
+Node: Getting1021567
+Node: Extracting1022393
+Node: Distribution contents1024085
+Node: Unix Installation1029307
+Node: Quick Installation1029924
+Node: Additional Configuration Options1031886
+Node: Configuration Philosophy1033363
+Node: Non-Unix Installation1035705
+Node: PC Installation1036163
+Node: PC Binary Installation1037462
+Node: PC Compiling1039310
+Node: PC Testing1042254
+Node: PC Using1043430
+Node: Cygwin1047615
+Node: MSYS1048615
+Node: VMS Installation1049129
+Node: VMS Compilation1049732
+Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-11050739
+Node: VMS Installation Details1050797
+Node: VMS Running1052432
+Node: VMS Old Gawk1054039
+Node: Bugs1054513
+Node: Other Versions1058365
+Node: Notes1063680
+Node: Compatibility Mode1064267
+Node: Additions1065050
+Node: Accessing The Source1065977
+Node: Adding Code1067403
+Node: New Ports1073445
+Node: Derived Files1077580
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-11082888
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-21082922
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-31083522
+Node: Future Extensions1083620
+Node: Basic Concepts1085107
+Node: Basic High Level1085788
+Ref: figure-general-flow1086059
+Ref: figure-process-flow1086658
+Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-11089887
+Node: Basic Data Typing1090072
+Node: Glossary1093427
+Node: Copying1118738
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License1156295
+Node: Index1181432
 End Tag Table
diff --git a/doc/gawk.texi b/doc/gawk.texi
index 31caabf..8adef64 100644
--- a/doc/gawk.texi
+++ b/doc/gawk.texi
@@ -28245,11 +28245,14 @@ It is possible to add new built-in functions to 
@command{gawk} using
 dynamically loaded libraries. This facility is available on systems (such
 as GNU/Linux) that support the C @code{dlopen()} and @code{dlsym()}
 functions.  This @value{CHAPTER} describes how to create extensions
-using code written in C or C++.  If you don't know anything about C
-programming, you can safely skip this @value{CHAPTER}, although you
-may wish to review the documentation on the extensions that come with
address@hidden (@pxref{Extension Samples}), and the section on the
address@hidden project (@pxref{gawkextlib}).
+using code written in C or C++.
+If you don't know anything about C programming, you can safely skip this
address@hidden, although you may wish to review the documentation on the
+extensions that come with @command{gawk} (@pxref{Extension Samples}),
+and the @value{SECTION} on the @code{gawkextlib} project (@pxref{gawkextlib}).
+The sample extensions are automatically built and installed when
address@hidden is.
 @quotation NOTE
 When @option{--sandbox} is specified, extensions are disabled
@@ -31881,7 +31884,7 @@ XML parser extension, using the 
@uref{, Expat}
 XML parsing library.
-Postgres SQL extension.
+PostgreSQL extension.
 GD graphics library extension.


Summary of changes:
 doc/ChangeLog |    5 +
 doc/ |  268 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 doc/gawk.texi |   15 ++--
 3 files changed, 149 insertions(+), 139 deletions(-)


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