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[gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, symtab, updated. 3d9b832439afeb1b05c6083

From: Arnold Robbins
Subject: [gawk-diffs] [SCM] gawk branch, symtab, updated. 3d9b832439afeb1b05c60831e0865df585dc55ac
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2012 08:23:36 +0000

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script. It was
generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository containing
the project "gawk".

The branch, symtab has been updated
       via  3d9b832439afeb1b05c60831e0865df585dc55ac (commit)
      from  9e2703f7ca0b35129a94465654d0e18d14048dbc (commit)

Those revisions listed above that are new to this repository have
not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

commit 3d9b832439afeb1b05c60831e0865df585dc55ac
Author: Arnold D. Robbins <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed Oct 3 10:23:15 2012 +0200

    More SYMTAB and FUNCTAB improvements.

diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index 9110584..ec40159 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,6 +1,16 @@
 2012-10-02         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
-       * symbol.c (lookup): If do_posix, skip the global table.
+       * awk.h (func_table): Declare.
+       * awkgram.y: If do_posix or do_traditional, then check for
+       delete on SYMTAB. Add check for delete on FUNCTAB, also.
+       * interpret.h (Op_Subscript): For FUNCTAB, return the element name
+       as its value too.  Avoids lots of weirdness and allows indirect calls
+       after assignment from FUNCTAB["foo"] to work.
+       (Op_store_sub): Disallow assignment to elements of FUNCTAB.
+       (Op_indirect_func_all): Turn assert into check and fatal error.
+       * symbol.c (func_table): No longer static.
+       (lookup): If do_posix or do_traditional, skip the global table.
+       (release_all_vars): Clear func_table too.
 2012-09-25         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
diff --git a/awk.h b/awk.h
index 7f64ce4..c961865 100644
--- a/awk.h
+++ b/awk.h
@@ -1666,6 +1666,7 @@ extern int get_numbase(const char *str, bool use_locale);
 extern void load_symbols();
 extern void init_symbol_table();
 extern NODE *symbol_table;
+extern NODE *func_table;
 extern NODE *install_symbol(char *name, NODETYPE type);
 extern NODE *remove_symbol(NODE *r);
 extern void destroy_symbol(NODE *r);
diff --git a/awkgram.c b/awkgram.c
index 0c51a28..6e81980 100644
--- a/awkgram.c
+++ b/awkgram.c
@@ -2990,8 +2990,12 @@ regular_print:
                (yyvsp[(2) - (4)])->opcode = Op_push_array;
                (yyvsp[(2) - (4)])->memory = variable((yyvsp[(2) - 
(4)])->source_line, arr, Node_var_new);
-               if ((yyvsp[(2) - (4)])->memory == symbol_table)
-                       fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+               if (! do_posix && ! do_traditional) {
+                       if ((yyvsp[(2) - (4)])->memory == symbol_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+                       else if ((yyvsp[(2) - (4)])->memory == func_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with 
+               }
                if ((yyvsp[(4) - (4)]) == NULL) {
@@ -3035,8 +3039,12 @@ regular_print:
                (yyvsp[(1) - (4)])->expr_count = 0;
                (yyval) = list_append(list_create((yyvsp[(3) - (4)])), 
(yyvsp[(1) - (4)]));
-               if ((yyvsp[(3) - (4)])->memory == symbol_table)
-                       fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+               if (! do_posix && ! do_traditional) {
+                       if ((yyvsp[(3) - (4)])->memory == symbol_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+                       else if ((yyvsp[(3) - (4)])->memory == func_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with 
+               }
diff --git a/awkgram.y b/awkgram.y
index da585d4..22b0b76 100644
--- a/awkgram.y
+++ b/awkgram.y
@@ -973,8 +973,12 @@ regular_print:
                $2->opcode = Op_push_array;
                $2->memory = variable($2->source_line, arr, Node_var_new);
-               if ($2->memory == symbol_table)
-                       fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+               if (! do_posix && ! do_traditional) {
+                       if ($2->memory == symbol_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+                       else if ($2->memory == func_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with 
+               }
                if ($4 == NULL) {
@@ -1018,8 +1022,12 @@ regular_print:
                $1->expr_count = 0;
                $$ = list_append(list_create($3), $1);
-               if ($3->memory == symbol_table)
-                       fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+               if (! do_posix && ! do_traditional) {
+                       if ($3->memory == symbol_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with SYMTAB"));
+                       else if ($3->memory == func_table)
+                               fatal(_("`delete' is not allowed with 
+               }
        | exp
          {     $$ = optimize_assignment($1); }
diff --git a/doc/ChangeLog b/doc/ChangeLog
index 0efd3f7..054238e 100644
--- a/doc/ChangeLog
+++ b/doc/ChangeLog
@@ -1,7 +1,8 @@
 2012-10-02         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
        * gawk.texi, gawk.1, Document FUNCTAB, SYMTAB, and
-       PROCINFO["identifiers"].
+       PROCINFO["identifiers"]. Including that delete does not work
+       on FUNCTAB and SYMTAB.
 2012-09-23         Arnold D. Robbins     <address@hidden>
diff --git a/doc/gawk.1 b/doc/gawk.1
index 30524e5..31fcef1 100644
--- a/doc/gawk.1
+++ b/doc/gawk.1
@@ -994,6 +994,11 @@ An array whose indices are the names of all the 
 or extension functions in the program.
 The array values cannot currently be used.
+Also, you may not use the
+.B delete
+statment with the
 Controls the case-sensitivity of all regular expression
@@ -1289,6 +1294,11 @@ The
 function may be used to test if an element in
 is an array.
+You may not use the
+.B delete
+statment with the
 The text domain of the \*(AK program; used to find the localized
diff --git a/doc/ b/doc/
index 67fb4a1..44b48e5 100644
--- a/doc/
+++ b/doc/
@@ -9605,7 +9605,8 @@ with a pound sign (`#').
      An array whose indices are the names of all the user-defined or
      extension functions in the program.  *NOTE*: The array values
-     cannot currently be used.
+     cannot currently be used.  Also, you may not use the `delete'
+     statement with the `FUNCTAB' array.
      The number of input records `awk' has processed since the
@@ -9746,12 +9747,12 @@ with a pound sign (`#').
           print foo    # prints 4
      The `isarray()' function (*note Type Functions::) may be used to
-     test if an element in `SYMTAB' is an array.
+     test if an element in `SYMTAB' is an array.  Also, you may not use
+     the `delete' statement with the `SYMTAB' array.
-          NOTE: In order to avoid severe time-travel paradoxes (as well
-          as to avoid difficult implementation issues), neither
-          `FUNCTAB' nor `SYMTAB' are available as elements within the
-          `SYMTAB' array.
+          NOTE: In order to avoid severe time-travel paradoxes(2),
+          neither `FUNCTAB' nor `SYMTAB' are available as elements
+          within the `SYMTAB' array.
 Advanced Notes: Changing `NR' and `FNR'
@@ -9782,6 +9783,8 @@ file by resetting `NR' to zero when `FILENAME' changed.
 to `"-"', even if there were data files to be processed. This behavior
 was incorrect and should not be relied upon in your programs.
+   (2) Not to mention difficult implementation issues.
 File:,  Node: ARGC and ARGV,  Prev: Auto-set,  Up: Built-in Variables
@@ -26015,7 +26018,7 @@ Index
                                                               (line  67)
 * advanced features, data files as single record: Records.    (line 180)
 * advanced features, fixed-width data:   Constant Size.       (line   9)
-* advanced features, FNR/NR variables:   Auto-set.            (line 273)
+* advanced features, FNR/NR variables:   Auto-set.            (line 274)
 * advanced features, gawk:               Advanced Features.   (line   6)
 * advanced features, gawk, network programming: TCP/IP Networking.
                                                               (line   6)
@@ -26520,7 +26523,7 @@ Index
                                                               (line  47)
 * dark corner, FILENAME variable <1>:    Auto-set.            (line  93)
 * dark corner, FILENAME variable:        Getline Notes.       (line  19)
-* dark corner, FNR/NR variables:         Auto-set.            (line 273)
+* dark corner, FNR/NR variables:         Auto-set.            (line 274)
 * dark corner, format-control characters: Control Letters.    (line  18)
 * dark corner, FS as null string:        Single Character Fields.
                                                               (line  20)
@@ -26715,14 +26718,14 @@ Index
                                                               (line   6)
 * differences in awk and gawk, print/printf statements: Format Modifiers.
                                                               (line  13)
-* differences in awk and gawk, PROCINFO array: Auto-set.      (line 129)
+* differences in awk and gawk, PROCINFO array: Auto-set.      (line 130)
 * differences in awk and gawk, record separators: Records.    (line 117)
 * differences in awk and gawk, regexp constants: Using Constant Regexps.
                                                               (line  43)
 * differences in awk and gawk, regular expressions: Case-sensitivity.
                                                               (line  26)
 * differences in awk and gawk, RS/RT variables: Records.      (line 172)
-* differences in awk and gawk, RT variable: Auto-set.         (line 245)
+* differences in awk and gawk, RT variable: Auto-set.         (line 246)
 * differences in awk and gawk, single-character fields: Single Character 
                                                               (line   6)
 * differences in awk and gawk, split() function: String Functions.
@@ -26731,7 +26734,7 @@ Index
 * differences in awk and gawk, strings, storing: Records.     (line 192)
 * differences in awk and gawk, strtonum() function (gawk): String Functions.
                                                               (line 404)
-* differences in awk and gawk, SYMTAB variable: Auto-set.     (line 253)
+* differences in awk and gawk, SYMTAB variable: Auto-set.     (line 254)
 * differences in awk and gawk, TEXTDOMAIN variable: User-modified.
                                                               (line 162)
 * differences in awk and gawk, trunc-mod operation: Arithmetic Ops.
@@ -27002,7 +27005,7 @@ Index
 * floating-point, numbers:               General Arithmetic.  (line   6)
 * FNR variable <1>:                      Auto-set.            (line 103)
 * FNR variable:                          Records.             (line   6)
-* FNR variable, changing:                Auto-set.            (line 273)
+* FNR variable, changing:                Auto-set.            (line 274)
 * for statement:                         For Statement.       (line   6)
 * for statement, in arrays:              Scanning an Array.   (line  20)
 * format specifiers, mixing regular with positional specifiers: Printf 
@@ -27165,7 +27168,7 @@ Index
 * gawk, OS/2 version of:                 PC Using.            (line  11)
 * gawk, PROCINFO array in <1>:           Two-way I/O.         (line 116)
 * gawk, PROCINFO array in <2>:           Time Functions.      (line  46)
-* gawk, PROCINFO array in:               Auto-set.            (line 129)
+* gawk, PROCINFO array in:               Auto-set.            (line 130)
 * gawk, regexp constants and:            Using Constant Regexps.
                                                               (line  28)
 * gawk, regular expressions, case sensitivity: Case-sensitivity.
@@ -27173,7 +27176,7 @@ Index
 * gawk, regular expressions, operators:  GNU Regexp Operators.
                                                               (line   6)
 * gawk, regular expressions, precedence: Regexp Operators.    (line 161)
-* gawk, RT variable in <1>:              Auto-set.            (line 245)
+* gawk, RT variable in <1>:              Auto-set.            (line 246)
 * gawk, RT variable in <2>:              Getline/Variable/File.
                                                               (line  10)
 * gawk, RT variable in <3>:              Multiple Line.       (line 129)
@@ -27182,7 +27185,7 @@ Index
 * gawk, source code, obtaining:          Getting.             (line   6)
 * gawk, splitting fields and:            Constant Size.       (line  87)
 * gawk, string-translation functions:    I18N Functions.      (line   6)
-* gawk, SYMTAB array in:                 Auto-set.            (line 253)
+* gawk, SYMTAB array in:                 Auto-set.            (line 254)
 * gawk, TEXTDOMAIN variable in:          User-modified.       (line 162)
 * gawk, timestamps:                      Time Functions.      (line   6)
 * gawk, uses for:                        Preface.             (line  36)
@@ -27585,9 +27588,9 @@ Index
                                                               (line  49)
 * noassign.awk program:                  Ignoring Assigns.    (line  15)
 * not Boolean-logic operator:            Boolean Ops.         (line   6)
-* NR variable <1>:                       Auto-set.            (line 124)
+* NR variable <1>:                       Auto-set.            (line 125)
 * NR variable:                           Records.             (line   6)
-* NR variable, changing:                 Auto-set.            (line 273)
+* NR variable, changing:                 Auto-set.            (line 274)
 * null strings <1>:                      Basic Data Typing.   (line  26)
 * null strings <2>:                      Truth Values.        (line   6)
 * null strings <3>:                      Regexp Field Splitting.
@@ -27870,7 +27873,7 @@ Index
 * PROCINFO array <3>:                    Passwd Functions.    (line   6)
 * PROCINFO array <4>:                    Two-way I/O.         (line 116)
 * PROCINFO array <5>:                    Time Functions.      (line  46)
-* PROCINFO array <6>:                    Auto-set.            (line 129)
+* PROCINFO array <6>:                    Auto-set.            (line 130)
 * PROCINFO array:                        Obsolete.            (line  11)
 * profiling awk programs:                Profiling.           (line   6)
 * profiling awk programs, dynamically:   Profiling.           (line 171)
@@ -28012,7 +28015,7 @@ Index
 * right angle bracket (>), >> operator (I/O): Redirection.    (line  50)
 * right shift, bitwise:                  Bitwise Functions.   (line  32)
 * Ritchie, Dennis:                       Basic Data Typing.   (line  55)
-* RLENGTH variable:                      Auto-set.            (line 232)
+* RLENGTH variable:                      Auto-set.            (line 233)
 * RLENGTH variable, match() function and: String Functions.   (line 223)
 * Robbins, Arnold <1>:                   Future Extensions.   (line   6)
 * Robbins, Arnold <2>:                   Bugs.                (line  32)
@@ -28039,9 +28042,9 @@ Index
 * RS variable:                           Records.             (line  20)
 * RS variable, multiline records and:    Multiple Line.       (line  17)
 * rshift() function (gawk):              Bitwise Functions.   (line  52)
-* RSTART variable:                       Auto-set.            (line 238)
+* RSTART variable:                       Auto-set.            (line 239)
 * RSTART variable, match() function and: String Functions.    (line 223)
-* RT variable <1>:                       Auto-set.            (line 245)
+* RT variable <1>:                       Auto-set.            (line 246)
 * RT variable <2>:                       Getline/Variable/File.
                                                               (line  10)
 * RT variable <3>:                       Multiple Line.       (line 129)
@@ -28233,7 +28236,7 @@ Index
 * substr() function:                     String Functions.    (line 481)
 * Sumner, Andrew:                        Other Versions.      (line  55)
 * switch statement:                      Switch Statement.    (line   6)
-* SYMTAB array:                          Auto-set.            (line 253)
+* SYMTAB array:                          Auto-set.            (line 254)
 * syntactic ambiguity: /= operator vs. /=.../ regexp constant: Assignment Ops.
                                                               (line 148)
 * system() function:                     I/O Functions.       (line  63)
@@ -28667,264 +28670,265 @@ Node: Built-in Variables393879
 Node: User-modified394974
 Ref: User-modified-Footnote-1403329
 Node: Auto-set403391
-Ref: Auto-set-Footnote-1414993
-Node: ARGC and ARGV415198
-Node: Arrays419049
-Node: Array Basics420554
-Node: Array Intro421380
-Node: Reference to Elements425698
-Node: Assigning Elements427968
-Node: Array Example428459
-Node: Scanning an Array430191
-Node: Controlling Scanning432505
-Ref: Controlling Scanning-Footnote-1437438
-Node: Delete437754
-Ref: Delete-Footnote-1440519
-Node: Numeric Array Subscripts440576
-Node: Uninitialized Subscripts442759
-Node: Multi-dimensional444387
-Node: Multi-scanning447481
-Node: Arrays of Arrays449072
-Node: Functions453717
-Node: Built-in454539
-Node: Calling Built-in455617
-Node: Numeric Functions457605
-Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-1461437
-Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-2461794
-Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-3461842
-Node: String Functions462111
-Ref: String Functions-Footnote-1485608
-Ref: String Functions-Footnote-2485737
-Ref: String Functions-Footnote-3485985
-Node: Gory Details486072
-Ref: table-sub-escapes487751
-Ref: table-sub-posix-92489105
-Ref: table-sub-proposed490448
-Ref: table-posix-sub491798
-Ref: table-gensub-escapes493344
-Ref: Gory Details-Footnote-1494551
-Ref: Gory Details-Footnote-2494602
-Node: I/O Functions494753
-Ref: I/O Functions-Footnote-1501408
-Node: Time Functions501555
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-1512447
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-2512515
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-3512673
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-4512784
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-5512896
-Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-6513123
-Node: Bitwise Functions513389
-Ref: table-bitwise-ops513947
-Ref: Bitwise Functions-Footnote-1518168
-Node: Type Functions518352
-Node: I18N Functions518822
-Node: User-defined520449
-Node: Definition Syntax521253
-Ref: Definition Syntax-Footnote-1526163
-Node: Function Example526232
-Node: Function Caveats528826
-Node: Calling A Function529247
-Node: Variable Scope530362
-Node: Pass By Value/Reference532337
-Node: Return Statement535777
-Node: Dynamic Typing538758
-Node: Indirect Calls539493
-Node: Internationalization549178
-Node: I18N and L10N550604
-Node: Explaining gettext551290
-Ref: Explaining gettext-Footnote-1556356
-Ref: Explaining gettext-Footnote-2556540
-Node: Programmer i18n556705
-Node: Translator i18n560905
-Node: String Extraction561698
-Ref: String Extraction-Footnote-1562659
-Node: Printf Ordering562745
-Ref: Printf Ordering-Footnote-1565529
-Node: I18N Portability565593
-Ref: I18N Portability-Footnote-1568042
-Node: I18N Example568105
-Ref: I18N Example-Footnote-1570740
-Node: Gawk I18N570812
-Node: Advanced Features571429
-Node: Nondecimal Data572942
-Node: Array Sorting574525
-Node: Controlling Array Traversal575222
-Node: Array Sorting Functions583460
-Ref: Array Sorting Functions-Footnote-1587134
-Ref: Array Sorting Functions-Footnote-2587227
-Node: Two-way I/O587421
-Ref: Two-way I/O-Footnote-1592853
-Node: TCP/IP Networking592923
-Node: Profiling595767
-Node: Library Functions603221
-Ref: Library Functions-Footnote-1606228
-Node: Library Names606399
-Ref: Library Names-Footnote-1609870
-Ref: Library Names-Footnote-2610090
-Node: General Functions610176
-Node: Strtonum Function611129
-Node: Assert Function614059
-Node: Round Function617385
-Node: Cliff Random Function618928
-Node: Ordinal Functions619944
-Ref: Ordinal Functions-Footnote-1623014
-Ref: Ordinal Functions-Footnote-2623266
-Node: Join Function623475
-Ref: Join Function-Footnote-1625246
-Node: Getlocaltime Function625446
-Node: Data File Management629161
-Node: Filetrans Function629793
-Node: Rewind Function633932
-Node: File Checking635319
-Node: Empty Files636413
-Node: Ignoring Assigns638643
-Node: Getopt Function640196
-Ref: Getopt Function-Footnote-1651500
-Node: Passwd Functions651703
-Ref: Passwd Functions-Footnote-1660678
-Node: Group Functions660766
-Node: Walking Arrays668850
-Node: Sample Programs670419
-Node: Running Examples671084
-Node: Clones671812
-Node: Cut Program673036
-Node: Egrep Program682881
-Ref: Egrep Program-Footnote-1690654
-Node: Id Program690764
-Node: Split Program694380
-Ref: Split Program-Footnote-1697899
-Node: Tee Program698027
-Node: Uniq Program700830
-Node: Wc Program708259
-Ref: Wc Program-Footnote-1712525
-Ref: Wc Program-Footnote-2712725
-Node: Miscellaneous Programs712817
-Node: Dupword Program714005
-Node: Alarm Program716036
-Node: Translate Program720785
-Ref: Translate Program-Footnote-1725172
-Ref: Translate Program-Footnote-2725400
-Node: Labels Program725534
-Ref: Labels Program-Footnote-1728905
-Node: Word Sorting728989
-Node: History Sorting732873
-Node: Extract Program734712
-Ref: Extract Program-Footnote-1742195
-Node: Simple Sed742323
-Node: Igawk Program745385
-Ref: Igawk Program-Footnote-1760542
-Ref: Igawk Program-Footnote-2760743
-Node: Anagram Program760881
-Node: Signature Program763949
-Node: Debugger765049
-Node: Debugging766015
-Node: Debugging Concepts766448
-Node: Debugging Terms768304
-Node: Awk Debugging770901
-Node: Sample Debugging Session771793
-Node: Debugger Invocation772313
-Node: Finding The Bug773642
-Node: List of Debugger Commands780130
-Node: Breakpoint Control781464
-Node: Debugger Execution Control785128
-Node: Viewing And Changing Data788488
-Node: Execution Stack791844
-Node: Debugger Info793311
-Node: Miscellaneous Debugger Commands797292
-Node: Readline Support802737
-Node: Limitations803568
-Node: Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic805820
-Ref: Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic-Footnote-1807462
-Node: General Arithmetic807610
-Node: Floating Point Issues809330
-Node: String Conversion Precision810211
-Ref: String Conversion Precision-Footnote-1811917
-Node: Unexpected Results812026
-Node: POSIX Floating Point Problems814179
-Ref: POSIX Floating Point Problems-Footnote-1818004
-Node: Integer Programming818042
-Node: Floating-point Programming819795
-Ref: Floating-point Programming-Footnote-1826104
-Node: Floating-point Representation826368
-Node: Floating-point Context827533
-Ref: table-ieee-formats828375
-Node: Rounding Mode829759
-Ref: table-rounding-modes830238
-Ref: Rounding Mode-Footnote-1833242
-Node: Gawk and MPFR833423
-Node: Arbitrary Precision Floats834665
-Ref: Arbitrary Precision Floats-Footnote-1837094
-Node: Setting Precision837405
-Node: Setting Rounding Mode840138
-Ref: table-gawk-rounding-modes840542
-Node: Floating-point Constants841722
-Node: Changing Precision843146
-Ref: Changing Precision-Footnote-1844546
-Node: Exact Arithmetic844720
-Node: Arbitrary Precision Integers847828
-Ref: Arbitrary Precision Integers-Footnote-1850828
-Node: Dynamic Extensions850975
-Node: Plugin License851893
-Node: Sample Library852507
-Node: Internal File Description853191
-Node: Internal File Ops856904
-Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1861467
-Node: Using Internal File Ops861607
-Node: Language History863983
-Node: V7/SVR3.1865505
-Node: SVR4867826
-Node: POSIX869268
-Node: BTL870276
-Node: POSIX/GNU871010
-Node: Common Extensions876545
-Node: Ranges and Locales877652
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-1882270
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-2882297
-Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-3882557
-Node: Contributors882778
-Node: Installation887074
-Node: Gawk Distribution887968
-Node: Getting888452
-Node: Extracting889278
-Node: Distribution contents890970
-Node: Unix Installation896192
-Node: Quick Installation896809
-Node: Additional Configuration Options898771
-Node: Configuration Philosophy900248
-Node: Non-Unix Installation902590
-Node: PC Installation903048
-Node: PC Binary Installation904347
-Node: PC Compiling906195
-Node: PC Testing909139
-Node: PC Using910315
-Node: Cygwin914500
-Node: MSYS915500
-Node: VMS Installation916014
-Node: VMS Compilation916617
-Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-1917624
-Node: VMS Installation Details917682
-Node: VMS Running919317
-Node: VMS Old Gawk920924
-Node: Bugs921398
-Node: Other Versions925250
-Node: Notes930565
-Node: Compatibility Mode931152
-Node: Additions931935
-Node: Accessing The Source932862
-Node: Adding Code934288
-Node: New Ports940330
-Node: Derived Files944465
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-1949770
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-2949804
-Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-3950404
-Node: Future Extensions950502
-Node: Basic Concepts951989
-Node: Basic High Level952670
-Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-1956705
-Node: Basic Data Typing956890
-Node: Glossary960245
-Node: Copying985221
-Node: GNU Free Documentation License1022778
-Node: Index1047915
+Ref: Auto-set-Footnote-1415085
+Ref: Auto-set-Footnote-2415290
+Node: ARGC and ARGV415346
+Node: Arrays419197
+Node: Array Basics420702
+Node: Array Intro421528
+Node: Reference to Elements425846
+Node: Assigning Elements428116
+Node: Array Example428607
+Node: Scanning an Array430339
+Node: Controlling Scanning432653
+Ref: Controlling Scanning-Footnote-1437586
+Node: Delete437902
+Ref: Delete-Footnote-1440667
+Node: Numeric Array Subscripts440724
+Node: Uninitialized Subscripts442907
+Node: Multi-dimensional444535
+Node: Multi-scanning447629
+Node: Arrays of Arrays449220
+Node: Functions453865
+Node: Built-in454687
+Node: Calling Built-in455765
+Node: Numeric Functions457753
+Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-1461585
+Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-2461942
+Ref: Numeric Functions-Footnote-3461990
+Node: String Functions462259
+Ref: String Functions-Footnote-1485756
+Ref: String Functions-Footnote-2485885
+Ref: String Functions-Footnote-3486133
+Node: Gory Details486220
+Ref: table-sub-escapes487899
+Ref: table-sub-posix-92489253
+Ref: table-sub-proposed490596
+Ref: table-posix-sub491946
+Ref: table-gensub-escapes493492
+Ref: Gory Details-Footnote-1494699
+Ref: Gory Details-Footnote-2494750
+Node: I/O Functions494901
+Ref: I/O Functions-Footnote-1501556
+Node: Time Functions501703
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-1512595
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-2512663
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-3512821
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-4512932
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-5513044
+Ref: Time Functions-Footnote-6513271
+Node: Bitwise Functions513537
+Ref: table-bitwise-ops514095
+Ref: Bitwise Functions-Footnote-1518316
+Node: Type Functions518500
+Node: I18N Functions518970
+Node: User-defined520597
+Node: Definition Syntax521401
+Ref: Definition Syntax-Footnote-1526311
+Node: Function Example526380
+Node: Function Caveats528974
+Node: Calling A Function529395
+Node: Variable Scope530510
+Node: Pass By Value/Reference532485
+Node: Return Statement535925
+Node: Dynamic Typing538906
+Node: Indirect Calls539641
+Node: Internationalization549326
+Node: I18N and L10N550752
+Node: Explaining gettext551438
+Ref: Explaining gettext-Footnote-1556504
+Ref: Explaining gettext-Footnote-2556688
+Node: Programmer i18n556853
+Node: Translator i18n561053
+Node: String Extraction561846
+Ref: String Extraction-Footnote-1562807
+Node: Printf Ordering562893
+Ref: Printf Ordering-Footnote-1565677
+Node: I18N Portability565741
+Ref: I18N Portability-Footnote-1568190
+Node: I18N Example568253
+Ref: I18N Example-Footnote-1570888
+Node: Gawk I18N570960
+Node: Advanced Features571577
+Node: Nondecimal Data573090
+Node: Array Sorting574673
+Node: Controlling Array Traversal575370
+Node: Array Sorting Functions583608
+Ref: Array Sorting Functions-Footnote-1587282
+Ref: Array Sorting Functions-Footnote-2587375
+Node: Two-way I/O587569
+Ref: Two-way I/O-Footnote-1593001
+Node: TCP/IP Networking593071
+Node: Profiling595915
+Node: Library Functions603369
+Ref: Library Functions-Footnote-1606376
+Node: Library Names606547
+Ref: Library Names-Footnote-1610018
+Ref: Library Names-Footnote-2610238
+Node: General Functions610324
+Node: Strtonum Function611277
+Node: Assert Function614207
+Node: Round Function617533
+Node: Cliff Random Function619076
+Node: Ordinal Functions620092
+Ref: Ordinal Functions-Footnote-1623162
+Ref: Ordinal Functions-Footnote-2623414
+Node: Join Function623623
+Ref: Join Function-Footnote-1625394
+Node: Getlocaltime Function625594
+Node: Data File Management629309
+Node: Filetrans Function629941
+Node: Rewind Function634080
+Node: File Checking635467
+Node: Empty Files636561
+Node: Ignoring Assigns638791
+Node: Getopt Function640344
+Ref: Getopt Function-Footnote-1651648
+Node: Passwd Functions651851
+Ref: Passwd Functions-Footnote-1660826
+Node: Group Functions660914
+Node: Walking Arrays668998
+Node: Sample Programs670567
+Node: Running Examples671232
+Node: Clones671960
+Node: Cut Program673184
+Node: Egrep Program683029
+Ref: Egrep Program-Footnote-1690802
+Node: Id Program690912
+Node: Split Program694528
+Ref: Split Program-Footnote-1698047
+Node: Tee Program698175
+Node: Uniq Program700978
+Node: Wc Program708407
+Ref: Wc Program-Footnote-1712673
+Ref: Wc Program-Footnote-2712873
+Node: Miscellaneous Programs712965
+Node: Dupword Program714153
+Node: Alarm Program716184
+Node: Translate Program720933
+Ref: Translate Program-Footnote-1725320
+Ref: Translate Program-Footnote-2725548
+Node: Labels Program725682
+Ref: Labels Program-Footnote-1729053
+Node: Word Sorting729137
+Node: History Sorting733021
+Node: Extract Program734860
+Ref: Extract Program-Footnote-1742343
+Node: Simple Sed742471
+Node: Igawk Program745533
+Ref: Igawk Program-Footnote-1760690
+Ref: Igawk Program-Footnote-2760891
+Node: Anagram Program761029
+Node: Signature Program764097
+Node: Debugger765197
+Node: Debugging766163
+Node: Debugging Concepts766596
+Node: Debugging Terms768452
+Node: Awk Debugging771049
+Node: Sample Debugging Session771941
+Node: Debugger Invocation772461
+Node: Finding The Bug773790
+Node: List of Debugger Commands780278
+Node: Breakpoint Control781612
+Node: Debugger Execution Control785276
+Node: Viewing And Changing Data788636
+Node: Execution Stack791992
+Node: Debugger Info793459
+Node: Miscellaneous Debugger Commands797440
+Node: Readline Support802885
+Node: Limitations803716
+Node: Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic805968
+Ref: Arbitrary Precision Arithmetic-Footnote-1807610
+Node: General Arithmetic807758
+Node: Floating Point Issues809478
+Node: String Conversion Precision810359
+Ref: String Conversion Precision-Footnote-1812065
+Node: Unexpected Results812174
+Node: POSIX Floating Point Problems814327
+Ref: POSIX Floating Point Problems-Footnote-1818152
+Node: Integer Programming818190
+Node: Floating-point Programming819943
+Ref: Floating-point Programming-Footnote-1826252
+Node: Floating-point Representation826516
+Node: Floating-point Context827681
+Ref: table-ieee-formats828523
+Node: Rounding Mode829907
+Ref: table-rounding-modes830386
+Ref: Rounding Mode-Footnote-1833390
+Node: Gawk and MPFR833571
+Node: Arbitrary Precision Floats834813
+Ref: Arbitrary Precision Floats-Footnote-1837242
+Node: Setting Precision837553
+Node: Setting Rounding Mode840286
+Ref: table-gawk-rounding-modes840690
+Node: Floating-point Constants841870
+Node: Changing Precision843294
+Ref: Changing Precision-Footnote-1844694
+Node: Exact Arithmetic844868
+Node: Arbitrary Precision Integers847976
+Ref: Arbitrary Precision Integers-Footnote-1850976
+Node: Dynamic Extensions851123
+Node: Plugin License852041
+Node: Sample Library852655
+Node: Internal File Description853339
+Node: Internal File Ops857052
+Ref: Internal File Ops-Footnote-1861615
+Node: Using Internal File Ops861755
+Node: Language History864131
+Node: V7/SVR3.1865653
+Node: SVR4867974
+Node: POSIX869416
+Node: BTL870424
+Node: POSIX/GNU871158
+Node: Common Extensions876693
+Node: Ranges and Locales877800
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-1882418
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-2882445
+Ref: Ranges and Locales-Footnote-3882705
+Node: Contributors882926
+Node: Installation887222
+Node: Gawk Distribution888116
+Node: Getting888600
+Node: Extracting889426
+Node: Distribution contents891118
+Node: Unix Installation896340
+Node: Quick Installation896957
+Node: Additional Configuration Options898919
+Node: Configuration Philosophy900396
+Node: Non-Unix Installation902738
+Node: PC Installation903196
+Node: PC Binary Installation904495
+Node: PC Compiling906343
+Node: PC Testing909287
+Node: PC Using910463
+Node: Cygwin914648
+Node: MSYS915648
+Node: VMS Installation916162
+Node: VMS Compilation916765
+Ref: VMS Compilation-Footnote-1917772
+Node: VMS Installation Details917830
+Node: VMS Running919465
+Node: VMS Old Gawk921072
+Node: Bugs921546
+Node: Other Versions925398
+Node: Notes930713
+Node: Compatibility Mode931300
+Node: Additions932083
+Node: Accessing The Source933010
+Node: Adding Code934436
+Node: New Ports940478
+Node: Derived Files944613
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-1949918
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-2949952
+Ref: Derived Files-Footnote-3950552
+Node: Future Extensions950650
+Node: Basic Concepts952137
+Node: Basic High Level952818
+Ref: Basic High Level-Footnote-1956853
+Node: Basic Data Typing957038
+Node: Glossary960393
+Node: Copying985369
+Node: GNU Free Documentation License1022926
+Node: Index1048063
 End Tag Table
diff --git a/doc/gawk.texi b/doc/gawk.texi
index eb840ff..15e5b4c 100644
--- a/doc/gawk.texi
+++ b/doc/gawk.texi
@@ -13022,6 +13022,8 @@ current record. @xref{Changing Fields}.
 An array whose indices are the names of all the user-defined
 or extension functions in the program.
 @strong{NOTE}: The array values cannot currently be used.
+Also, you may not use the @code{delete} statement with the
address@hidden array.
 @cindex @code{NR} variable
 @item NR
@@ -13196,10 +13198,12 @@ print foo    # prints 4
 The @code{isarray()} function (@pxref{Type Functions}) may be used to test
 if an element in @code{SYMTAB} is an array.
+Also, you may not use the @code{delete} statement with the
address@hidden array.
 @quotation NOTE
-In order to avoid severe time-travel paradoxes (as well as to avoid
-difficult implementation issues), neither @code{FUNCTAB} nor @code{SYMTAB}
+In order to avoid severe time-travel address@hidden to mention difficult
+implementation issues.}, neither @code{FUNCTAB} nor @code{SYMTAB}
 are available as elements within the @code{SYMTAB} array.
 @end quotation
 @end table
diff --git a/interpret.h b/interpret.h
index 208155a..5bd3e3a 100644
--- a/interpret.h
+++ b/interpret.h
@@ -210,9 +210,15 @@ top:
                                        lintwarn(_("subscript of array `%s' is 
null string"), array_vname(t1));
-                       r = *assoc_lookup(t1, t2);
+                       /* for FUNCTAB, get the name as the element value */
+                       if (t1 == func_table) {
+                               r = t2;
+                       } else {
+                               r = *assoc_lookup(t1, t2);
+                       }
+                       /* for SYMTAB, step through to the actual variable */
                        if (t1 == symbol_table && r->type == Node_var)
                                r = r->var_value;
@@ -536,7 +542,9 @@ mod:
-                       if (t1 == symbol_table && (*lhs)->type == Node_var)
+                       if (t1 == func_table)
+                               fatal(_("cannot assign to elements of 
+                       else if (t1 == symbol_table && (*lhs)->type == Node_var)
                                lhs = & ((*lhs)->var_value);
@@ -884,7 +892,10 @@ match_re:
                        arg_count = (pc + 1)->expr_count;
                        t1 = PEEK(arg_count);   /* indirect var */
-                       assert(t1->type == Node_val);   /* @a[1](p) not allowed 
in grammar */
+                       if (t1->type != Node_val)       /* @a[1](p) not allowed 
in grammar */
+                               fatal(_("indirect function call requires a 
simple scalar value"));
                        t1 = force_string(t1);
                        if (t1->stlen > 0) {
                                /* retrieve function definition node */
diff --git a/symbol.c b/symbol.c
index 670f831..afec731 100644
--- a/symbol.c
+++ b/symbol.c
@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ static void free_bcpool(INSTRUCTION *pl);
 static AWK_CONTEXT *curr_ctxt = NULL;
 static int ctxt_level;
-static NODE *global_table, *param_table, *func_table;
-NODE *symbol_table;
+static NODE *global_table, *param_table;
+NODE *symbol_table, *func_table;
 /* Use a flag to avoid a strcmp() call inside install() */
 static bool installing_specials = false;
@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ lookup(const char *name)
                if (tables[i]->table_size == 0)
-               if (do_posix && tables[i] == global_table)
+               if ((do_posix || do_traditional) && tables[i] == global_table)
                n = in_array(tables[i], tmp);
@@ -451,6 +451,7 @@ void
+       assoc_clear(func_table);


Summary of changes:
 ChangeLog     |   12 +-
 awk.h         |    1 +
 awkgram.c     |   16 ++-
 awkgram.y     |   16 ++-
 doc/ChangeLog |    3 +-
 doc/gawk.1    |   10 +
 doc/ |  566 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------------------
 doc/gawk.texi |    8 +-
 interpret.h   |   17 ++-
 symbol.c      |    7 +-
 10 files changed, 357 insertions(+), 299 deletions(-)


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