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Re: Jitsi conferencing software

From: Max Campbell
Subject: Re: Jitsi conferencing software
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 18:57:33 +0200

We used http://meet.jit.si/ to conduct a general assembly for labitat.dk and it worked very well with 55+ people.  One or two had issues related to not having the decoding hardware due to using older machines but that goes for any conferencing solution.
Some also had bandwidth issues, but that would also be an issue with any solution, and was helped by turning off webcams and microphones of those not speaking. 
On Tue, 16 Jun 2020, 17:20 John Rooke, <j.a.rooke@member.fsf.org> wrote:


I wonder if anyone on this list can share their experience of using Jitsi to successfully conduct meetings? Or can recommend a service that provides this facility?

I have tried a couple of servers, including the FSF one, but the time lag was so long it made serious dialogue impossible.

Thanks for your time and attention,



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