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[Fsuk-manchester] Call for reviews: Libreboot X200 Tablet on Minifree (F

From: Leah Rowe
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Call for reviews: Libreboot X200 Tablet on Minifree (FSF RYF pending)
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 14:34:44 +0100
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Hi everyone

I'm CC'ing all of you at once since it's more efficient that way.

I have a new system with GNU+Linux and Libreboot (free BIOS)
preinstalled which I'd like you all to review.

Firstly, some backstory:
Libreboot is a completely free (as in freedom) BIOS/UEFI replacement,
providing hardware initialization to boot an operating system. It's
available on several laptops, desktops and servers for x86 and ARM.
Libreboot is based on another project called coreboot. Libreboot is
endorsed by the Free Software Foundation.

Minifree is a company that sells Libreboot preinstalled on computer
systems, alongside Trisquel GNU+Linux which is a special distribution
endorsed by the Free Software Foundation (and used by Richard Stallman)

FSF RYF refers to the Free Software Foundation's "Respects Your
Freedom" certification, which certifies that products run on entirely
Free Software and contain no backdoors or anything like that. Here is
their page:

Minifree's products are already endorsed here, except one:

Recently, Minifree has launched a new product, the Libreboot X200
Tablet. This is a special version of the Libreboot X200, with an IPS
screen and a built-in wacom tablet for drawing. A sample of this has
been sent to the Free Software Foundation for RYF evaluation. The FSF
already endorses the non-tablet version of the X200 from Minifree.
Although FSF itself will reach out to media organisations when they
issue a press release (once the RYF evaluation process is completed),
I myself decided today to do my own outreach as well, hence my email
to all of you.

In John Sullivan's own words, in an email to me recently, the FSF
"doesn't anticipate any problems". So, very soon, an announcement will
be made by the FSF announcing their endorsement of these systems.

There's no need for me to repeat product info in an email, so the
product itself is here if you want to have a look:

This is a completely free/libre system. Its primary target audience is
hardened free software activists and supporters who believe in free
software (the type of people who are fans of Richard Stallman). Its
secondary target audience is people who, even if they may not quite
believe in free software, nonetheless want a system that they know is
secure and free of backdoors, one that can be used by people who
especially need data security, on a system that they know they can trust

I call for reviews of this product. If any of you can write or say
something about it, I'd greatly appreciate that.

I'm also happy to send hardware samples.




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