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[Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: [Announce] Intel ME neutralized and disabled, nea

From: Michael Dorrington
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: [Announce] Intel ME neutralized and disabled, nearing $2m for the Librem 5
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 13:01:13 +0100
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Interesting news on Librem 5 (the phone) and on disabling ME on the
Librem laptops including a deep dive on ME.


What is the ME?

The Intel Management Engine (ME) is a separate independent processor
core that is actually embedded inside the Multichip Package (MCP) on
Intel CPUs. It operates all-by-itself and separate from the main
processor, the BIOS, and the Operating system (OS), but it does interact
with the BIOS and OS kernel. It is a black box of mystery code at the
lowest level, in ring -2, with complete control over every part of the

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Subject: [Announce] Intel ME neutralized and disabled, nearing $2m for
the Librem 5
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 00:53:44 -0400
From: Purism Announcements <address@hidden>
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To: address@hidden

Purism logo

  2 days left, 2 million dollars

With your continued support, the Librem 5 <https://puri.sm/shop/librem5>
phone campaign is now on target to hit the $2,000,000 milestone at the
beginning of the week, just as our campaign's deadline is about to be
reached! Less than $100,000 need to be raised for this milestone to be

Even though we have reached beyond the base target, pre-ordering remains
open, until we begin shipping the phones.

phone image

  Intel Management Engine,
  now neutralized and disabled

In the previous few months, we have been shipping laptops with coreboot
<https://puri.sm/coreboot/> preinstalled and the ability to run a
"neutralized" Intel Management Engine <https://puri.sm/learn/intel-me/>.
We are proud to announce that we have recently made further progress and
can now provide a neutralized /and/ disabled Management Engine. This is
expected to be the new standard configuration for any new or pending
Purism Librem laptop orders.

To understand the difference between the various possible states of the
Management Engine, and to learn about our efforts to fully disable it,
please refer to our latest technical write-up, /Deep dive into Intel
Management Engine disablement


  New partnerships:
  Nextcloud and Monero

We have announced partnerships with two more organizations that are
aligned with our beliefs and offering: Nextcloud and Monero.

Working with Nextcloud will allow us to provide first-class integration
of Nextcloud—your own private cloud infrastructure, including files
storage and sharing, contacts and calendars, photo sharing, and general
document management—with the Librem 5 (and other Librem products).
Read the official Nextcloud announcement

Partnering with Monero, in addition to accepting Monero as a payment
method on our store, will allow convenient integration of fully
privacy-respecting cryptocurrency with the Librem 5 phone, essentially
creating the very first privacy-centric digital wallet... in your pocket!
Read the official Monero announcement


Thank you all who have been supporting us throughout the years and as
part of the Librem 5 phone campaign!
— the Purism team (feedback at puri.sm)


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address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>
and you will be instructed how to unsubscribe./

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mission to promote computer user freedom and to defend the rights of all
free software users."

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