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[Fsuk-manchester] FSF-certified USB Wi-Fi adapter

From: Bob Ham
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] FSF-certified USB Wi-Fi adapter
Date: Wed, 01 May 2013 17:51:24 +0000

Hi all,

Apparently the FSF has now certified a USB Wi-Fi dongle in their
Respects Your Freedom program:


This is great news; the only other bit of hardware that's been certified
is a 3D printer.  Apparently, Think Penguin worked with some sympathetic
engineers in Qualcomm who pushed to get the firmware released.  Win! :-)

Think Penguin is a company that makes laptops intended to work with Free
System Distributions (some may recall I mentioned them in my talk on a
100% free software laptop).

Here's the actual dongle, the TPE-N150USB based on the Atheros AR9271


Bob :-)

Bob Ham <address@hidden>

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