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[Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: Help us make LibrePlanet 2012 a success!

From: Michael Dorrington
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Fwd: Help us make LibrePlanet 2012 a success!
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 09:31:06 +0000
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As you may know, MFS are part of LibrePlanet, the global free software

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Subject: Help us make LibrePlanet 2012 a success!
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 20:16:09 -0500
From: Free Software Foundation <address@hidden>
Reply-To: Free Software Foundation <address@hidden>

# Help us make LibrePlanet 2012 a success!

**The dates have been announced for our next conference -- March 24th
and 25th 2012, at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. A call for
papers has also been announced. The conference will include talks from
the FSF staff and board, GNU project contributors, and other members
of the global free software community. I hope you will join us!**

Since 2009, the Free Software Foundation has run an annual conference
in the Boston area for free software developers, activists, and the
FSF's own associate members. This conference grew out of a smaller
members-only event which ran successfully for six years.

The conference has featured many free software luminaries over the
years, including FSF president Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen of the
Freedom Box Foundation and Software Freedom Law Center, EFF co-founder
John Gilmore, GNOME Foundation executive director Karen Sandler,
Jeremy Allison of the Samba project, Selena Deckelmann of PostgreSQL,
Máirín Duffy of Fedora, and veteran GNU developer Rob Savoye.

We are planning the upcoming conference in the midst of our annual
winter fundraiser, the time of year when we work the hardest at
inviting new people to become FSF associate members. Our associate
members are the most important means of financial support for the Free
Software Foundation -- individuals in our community, making a
financial commitment to software freedom. Because we want the
conference to be an opportunity for these free software supporters to
meet each other, our associate members can attend the conference
without charge.

At last year's event, I promised we would make this conference bigger
and better than ever before. As I and the other staff work hard to
bring some of the pioneers of our community together, we are relying
on your contributions to help make the financial aspect of this event
possible, without hanging ugly corporate banners everywhere.

We just need 100 new members, and the conference is paid for entirely.
Funding is necessary for us to provide a comfortable venue, devote
enough staff time to promote it and have it run smoothly, and offer
other features like audio and video recordings of the talks for future use.

* Chip in by becoming an associate member --

* Already a member? Thank you! If you can, give a gift membership or
three --
or make a one-time donation -- <http://donate.fsf.org>. A gift
membership is especially great if you have a friend who's on the fence
about coming to the conference.

* Finally, please join the mailing list for updates and be the first to
get your ticket for LibrePlanet 2012 --

Follow us on identi.ca at http://identi.ca/fsf | Subscribe to our blogs
via RSS at http://fsf.org/blogs/RSS
Join us as an associate member at http://www.fsf.org/jf

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United States

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