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[Fsuk-manchester] Hunt down ads for non-Free PDF readers on 13th August

From: Sam Tuke
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Hunt down ads for non-Free PDF readers on 13th August
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 18:01:44 +0100
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The Free Software Foundation Europe's successful PDF Readers campaign comes to 
Manchester next month for a one day sprint at MadLab hackerspace on the 13th 
of August, 15.00-17.30. Cakes and pizza provided!


We'll search out proprietary PDF reader adverts on UK Government funded 
websites, and contact the institutions by letter and email, requesting that 
they remove them. 

Currently there are only 41 reports of such adverts in the UK, only three of 
which have already been resolved by the advert being removed. Many more 
adverts on UK Government websites still exist however, and on 13th August 
we'll find them, and aim to get as many of them removed as possible.


Publicly funded institutions routinely advertise proprietary PDF reader 
applications on their websites, often stating that a particular vendor's 
product is "required" for completing basic civic tasks like paying tax or 
registering a vehicle.

Yet Free Software PDF Readers exist for all major operating systems, which can 
be used to perform the same tasks without sacrificing the freedom of their 

Many institutions carry proprietary software adverts simply out of ignorance, 
not realising that there are alternatives which protect citizens' freedom. By 
contacting them we will be making them aware of the existence of Free Software 
alternatives, and encouraging them to think about the benefits of Free Software 
in general.

*Can it work?:*

Throughout Europe, Free Software advocates have already reported more than 
2,000 adverts, and successfully removed nearly 500 of them. Many of the 
success stories involved high profile websites, such as the Belgian Prime 
Minister, The Mayor of London, and the Bank of Italy. Several adverts have 
been replaced with links to Free Software PDF Readers on the pdfreaders.org 

*Real progress has been made, now its time to make an impact in the UK!*


MadLad event page:

Campaign homepage: 

Report an advert from a UK website:

List of UK adverts already reported:

Website about Free Software PDF Readers:

See you there!

Sam Tuke
British Team Coordinator
Free Software Foundation Europe
IM : address@hidden
Latest UK Free Software news: uk.fsfe.org
Is freedom important to you? Join the fellowship.fsfe.org

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