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[Fsuk-manchester] Screening of Revolution OS

From: Phoebe
Subject: [Fsuk-manchester] Screening of Revolution OS
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 18:34:20 +0100


I've love to be able to let the list know that on the 29th June, we will be screening Revolution OS
as part of our theme for the Manchester Film Cooperative on 'movement'.


Because we are a Cooperative, the themes, and films we screen are voted on by members. We make no profit of course and are run in the Cooperatives alternative model. We screen films in the upstairs venue of the fabulous Kings Arms with interested people: activitists, people on the left, concerned citizens and more.

We'd love to get the Free Software community involved in the screening on the 29th June, since it is also part of an initiative to get the Cooperative movement to speak to the Free Software communities. The last weeks of June are this year's official Cooperatives Fortnightly. You see the connection. 

I have, personally, written about the ecologies of free software (final section of book to be published as soon as I get these proofs finished, it's called the International Political Economy of Work and Employability, with Palgrave), a piece with Paul A Taylor  (2009) ‘Exploitation of the Self in Community-Based Software Production: Workers’ Freedoms or Firm Foundations?’, Capital and Class 97: 99-120, and I put on the event Media Ecologies and Postindustrial Production last November http://www.espach.salford.ac.uk/sssi/p2p/ which brought practitioners and thinkers from across the world to sunny Salford! I'd love to get more involved in your community as well so am happy to see the events you guys put on.

Anyway hope this sounds interesting and hope to see you at the King's Arms on the 29th June. We need a speaker too if anyone is interested--all this requires is a chair for the discussions we hold at the end, complete with delicious King's Arms beers.

All the best, Phoebe


Email address@hidden
Twitter @phoebemoore
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Employment profile http://www.espach.salford.ac.uk/page/Phoebe_Moore
Manchester Film Cooperative http://www.manchesterfilm.coop/

Employment profile: http://www.espach.salford.ac.uk/page/Phoebe_Moore

Manchester Film Cooperative: http://www.manchesterfilm.coop/

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