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[europe] Discussion list.

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: [europe] Discussion list.
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 14:20:44 +0100


        After discussions between Free Software leaders in Europe, it
was agreed to create a temporary mailing list to discuss about the
structure of FSF Europe. The list was created with restricted
membership/posting and public archives. Its address is address@hidden

        The idea is to bootstrap the discussion in a democratic way. A
representative was subscribed for 8 european countries. Frédéric
Couchet will create a voting system on the APRIL machines (they are
already using it for internal purposes) so that voting a particular
subject is made easy. For instance we could vote for new membership in
the list, the very principle of this list, voting process (1 country =
1 vote ?) etc.

        It may be good that the real discussion only starts when we
are sure that no country is left behind.

        I'll send the administrative password of the list to each
of you in private. The list of people currently subscribed is:

        Alexandre Dulaunoy <address@hidden> Luxemburg/Belgium
        Georg Greve <address@hidden> Germany
        Alex Hudson <address@hidden> United Kingdom
        Jose Marchesi <address@hidden> Spain
        Jonas Oberg <address@hidden> Sweden
        Loïc Dachary <address@hidden> France
        Alessandro Rubini <address@hidden> Italy
        Jaime Villate <address@hidden> Portugal

        The administrative interface of the list is at:


        and the list information page is at:




Which structure for FSF Europe ?
The goal of this temporary list is to figure out a structure for FSF
Europe that meets the unanimous agreement of the existing leaders of
the Free Software movement in each European country. It may not be an
abstract perfect structure but it will be the result of a consensus
accepted by all at a given point in time.

Although the subject was already discussed by most of the participants
of this list, there has never been a real debate with the clear goal
of defining such a structure. Since FSF Europe has the ambition to
embrace all Europe and establish cooperation between countries, it is
necessary that it starts by defining itself with a structure that is
the result of a European consensus.

The natural bounds of the discussion are defined by the use of the
"FSF" prefix. If a national or continental organization is willing to
call itself FSF <something>, it obviously acknowledges the leadership
of the FSF in return. It is also commited to be beneficial to the FSF
as well as to the Free Software movement. 

Since this discussion is not confidential by nature, it is available
for anyone to browse. A few details may require a private thread and
they will be handled on a case by case basis.

             Sauvez le droit d'auteur
Loic   Dachary   http://eucd.info/  address@hidden
              Tel : 33 1 42 76 05 49

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