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[Fsfe-france] MY INHERITANCE

From: edume
Subject: [Fsfe-france] MY INHERITANCE
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 04:36:30 -0700

Date:May 14,2002. 
Dear Sir, 
I am Mr.Eduado de Mello, one of the Principal 
Commanders of the Union for the Total Independence of 
Angola,UNITA.Well needless telling a very long story 
here for our story is indeed interwoven with the 
history of the world and the liberation struggle in 
the Southern African region of the African continent. 
The bubble burst just about some weeks ago today when my supreme 
commander, the late Dr.Jonas Savimbi was killed in an 
encounter with the government forces of the MPLA 
government of my country.The rest is now history but 
suffice it to say that I am tired of the unfortunate 
role of waging a war against my fatherland.I have 
therefore decided to pull out my troupes from the bush 
even if the other field commanders decide otherwise am 
therefore poised to effect a new beginning in my life 
and I have decided to make South Africa my new home at 
least for the interim period until I am sufficiently 
sure that I would be welcome home whole heartedly by 
the MPLA government in Luanda the capital of Angola. 
Needles to say I was the single most important 
commander who was very close to the late supreme 
commander; Dr.Jonas Savimbi.Indeed because I am a 
brother to one of his wives,he confided in me a great 
deal.The result of such trust is my reason for 
contacting you I was the commander whom he sent to 
deposit the sum of Thirty two million USD ($32million) 
with a security/finance company in South Africa.This 
was immediately after the events of September 11,2001 
in the United States of America.Indeed it had become 
increasingly difficult to move large volumes of money 
around the world particularly for a liberation 
movement like UNITA hence the recourse to keeping the 
money with the security company in South Africa. I 
have decided to inherit this money which was taken out 
and deposited with the said security/finance company 
as cash in Hundred dollar denominations.The money is 
kept in my signature and would have been used in the 
purchase of arms and ammunition for the purposes of 
continuing the civil war in Angola.The supreme 
commander is dead and as already stated I have decided 
to quite the whole thing and this is without regard to 
the fact that other commanders may wish to continue ! 
I want to cooperate with you in my decision to inherit 
the $32million.I am still in the bush here but I have 
been able to establish contact with the company in 
South Africa to the effect that I would soon come to 
take possession of the money that I kept with them. 
Note also that I deposited the money as a foreign 
national who is the head of a Mining company in Angola 
(Never as a commander of UNITA). If you are able to 
cooperate with me over this am willing to give you 20% 
of the $32million.Please come back to me through 
email: address@hidden .The security/finance 
company is standing by to receive my instructions on 
this and I will link you up with them as soon as you 
are ready to take possession of the $32million. 
Finally you are to note that in you reply, you are to 
state your residential or company address and if 
possible send a copy of your international passport so 
as to assure me that my money is safe in your hands. 
Yours truly, 
Eduado de Mello 

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