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[fsf-community-team] Free software in schools

From: Peter Rock
Subject: [fsf-community-team] Free software in schools
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 11:10:14 +0800

Hello, I wrote the following points on how Free software supports schools:


Any feedback would be appreciated. Could anything be added to this
list? Are there any errors? Also, my blog gets minimal traffic so it
might be useful to put this somewhere else on the web. But if so,

I would also like to write a FAQ related to Free software in schools.
I've been asked many questions over the years but haven't compiled
these along with appropriate responses. For example, I'm often asked
if teaching Free software in schools puts students at a disadvantage
since the "real world" uses Microsoft products. Perhaps a
comprehensive document/webpage outlining reasons and addressing common
questions (which are often based on misconceptions) could serve
useful. If anyone knows of a FAQ-like document on the web, I'd
appreciate the URL.


Peter Rock.

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