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[ff3d-announce] Version 1.0pre10 released

From: Stephane Del Pino
Subject: [ff3d-announce] Version 1.0pre10 released
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2007 17:54:37 +0200
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Dear ff3d users,

Version 1.0-pre10 has been released today. It comes with a collection of bug 
fixes and some new features (see changes summary).

Lots of bugs have been fixed in this release and the code is getting more 
stable. ff3d has now a quite complete test suite which improves the quality of 
the package.

- some optimizations for function algebra.
- P2 and Q2 finite element achieved.
-added Input/output for vtk format.
will save the field [u,v,w] and the scalar functions p and rho into the file 
output.vti or output.vtu according to the type of the mesh M
        function u = read(vtk,"output.vti":"[u,v,w]":0,M);
will read the first component of the field named "[u,v,w]" in the 
file "output.vti".

Changes summary
Here comes a summary of major changes in 1.0pre10.

Bugs fixed in 1.0pre10:
* Bug #11530: "cannot install..." [bison checking in configure]
* Bug #7709 : "Mesh Transformation code not finished" [code finished]
* Fixed Debian Bug#420922: FTBFS with GCC 4.3: missing #includes 
* The code is built even when cannot build documentation
* P2 and Q2 elements are now fully working (thanks to Edouard Oudet's reports)

New in 1.0pre10:
* Added function building simplifier [optimization]
* Removed deprecated functions from language syntax
* Save multiple functions and fields into one VTK file
* Many ff3d feature are now tests in the test suite
* Output improvements: save/read in vtk format for vectors, fields,...

Getting it
To get the sources proceed as follow:
- cvs users:
  Getting 1.0pre10 release:
    cvs update -r v1-0pre10
  To keep in touch with the cvs tree use more likely
    cvs update -A
- getting tarballs, check the following url:
- windows binary is available at

Best regards,

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